I’ve done better today with optimal raw food.

Not perfect, but better. Didn’t do so well with exercise and tomorrow is vision therapy day. I didn’t exercise at all this morning.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/pear/romaine smoothie. I don’t know how many bananas and pears I had because I’d made about two quarts for the three of us. My SIL had maybe two ounces, if that, then my daughter had probably 14. I had a full quart. Altogether, I think I’d used 10 bananas and I know I used three large pears. The bag of lettuce was pretty big and made it a good green color. It wasn’t delicious but it was good for us. I put the rest in a jar to take with me on our outing along with some bananas and Clementines.

Snow was sifting down but not laying. It would have been more exciting to have had it yesterday.

We got away a little late. I’d called the Asian market to make sure they were open and they were. That was our first stop. The Couple was impressed with the selection and low prices. They got the coconut they’d ordered and stocked up on other things. I got my coconut plus some sapote that look radically different from the white sapote I get from cherimoya.com. The innards are different, too.

There really wasn’t any reason to go to the organic grocery except to see if they had basil. That was a long shot since they didn’t have any on Christmas Eve. They would have taken that side trip had I wanted to but I said no, there wasn’t any need.

Next on the itinerary was the university supermarket. I got some dulse flakes, 29 cent bananas, and a few other things. The Couple stocked up on sale items and other stuff they could either get cheaper there or not at all where they’re going.

When we got ready to check out, I called my DIL and let her know where we were and that we’d be on our way to their place soon.

It has turned cold so it was nice to get into the house where it was nice and warm. My five year old granddaughter was being bashful and shy but finally snapped out of it. We visited for awhile and then opened presents. Mine was a $50 gift card to the organic market plus two coupons for $5 off on any order over $25! My DIL said she didn’t know what I could get there! Huh??? I get all of my lettuces there, plus other things that aren’t priced so high I’d have to float a loan to buy them.

We visited another half hour or so and then took some pictures in front of the tree. My SIL has transferred them to my computer so I’ll work on them and get them posted one of these days.

On the way home, I drank the rest of the smoothie, then ate a banana and a Clementine. I offered fruit to whoever would take it but my daughter was the only taker. She ate a banana. I would be a shadow of my former self (and I already am) if I ate that way. I should say I would be a shadow of my CURRENT former self…

I am developing a healthy respect for families who eat raw. There are so many different tastes and preferences, it would be hard to do this on an extended basis for more than one person. I’ve had it very easy in comparison.

The temperature was 31 when we got home but it didn’t take long to get my coconut stowed in the fridge. Then we unloaded and came in the house. Even though the house was down to 61 degrees, it felt nice and warm. I turned up the heat and got to work on some young coconut. My daughter and I each had one but my SIL wanted stuffed mushrooms and “slaw”. He did save me some mushrooms which I appreciated.

I fixed a couple of white sapote for them to try and had a couple of bites myself. Then I fixed one of the sapote I had gotten from the Asian market. I had my “slaw” with some of Matt’s Dip on it (the genuine article) and half a dozen mushrooms. The last durian pod needed to be put out of its misery. My daughter and I split it. That was all I needed for the day.

It’s supposed to get down into the 20s tonight. The other two cases of coconut are in the trunk of the car. They put all but four in a large styrofoam cooler and put those four in the fridge. I don’t know that they would have frozen but it would have been bad if they did.

I’m determined to get to bed earlier tonight. It was almost midnight when I turned the light off last night. If I hurry, I can make it by 11. Good night, folks!

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