Merry Christmas to all!

It’s been a very merry one in my household with family members, lots of presents, and FOOD!

The day started off with my ignoring the need to exercise. It was Christmas and I used that as an excuse to be lazy.

Breakfast was OJ/strawberry smoothies. The Couple liked them better than a green smoothie. It was actually quite delicious. That was followed by pitaya, both red and white. The picture I took of the red isn’t a good, true color. My daughter took pictures of it with their camera and my SIL is going to transfer them to my computer so I can post a better one. After that, we had persimmons. My SIL said that he didn’t like them but he ended up eating several pieces. THEN it was time for The Introduction to Durian. My SIL took one bite of a pod and decided my daughter could have the rest. I ate mine and it was delicious. My daughter liked it pretty well. I think it would take another time or two to get her into the ranks for sure. My SIL couldn’t handle the smell. He turned on the fan in the utility room to vent it outside. 😉

We got busy “uncooking”. DD fixed spinach pesto stuffed mushrooms. I made Mock Salmon Pate and “slaw”. While I was making the latter, my son and his family came in with egg rolls, pumpkin pie, and whipped cream. It wasn’t long until we sat down to feast. I ate raw while the rest ate everything (almost–my DIL and granddaughter wouldn’t try everything). I had too much fat plus I had some Braggs on my mushrooms and pate (a couple of rollups with romaine). My SIL said he was going to tell on me so I decided I’d beat him to it. Another thing I did that I shouldn’t have–I ate my food in the wrong sequence. I should have had the more digestible foods first and follow them with the heavier but I had persimmon pudding and date nut balls after my heavy meal. I forgot to put the cranberry-orange relish out.

After the food was all put away, we opened presents. I got an array of nice gifts from my family and friends.

We sat around and had a good visit. I gave my son and granddaughter samples of pitaya and everyone but my DIL tried dragon’s eyes. They wouldn’t eat much.

It was almost dark when my son and his family left. It was foggy but they made it home okay. I know because I got an e-mail letting me know.

The kitchen was easy to clean up. There were no sticky, greasy pots and pans and nothing had boiled over on the stove. I got the dishes washed up, grabbed a cup of cranberry orange relish and watched TV with the Couple. They’d brought a movie with them so we watched it while I had some persimmon pudding. That’s what I’ve had to eat today. Not enough calories and too much fat.

Tomorrow we go to pick up coconut and celebrate Christmas with my other son and his family.

It’s almost 11:30 so I’d better cease and desist. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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