You are going to see something tonight that’s rare.

I’m tired. Yes, that’s what I said. I’m tired. I hurt. Even my toes hurt. I got up before 5 this morning and have been getting it pretty much since then. I did stop at sundown and I crawled into the tub like I said I would.

I didn’t exercise. At least I didn’t do any formal exercising. I probably burned 5,000 calories today, anyway.

My food has been about 3/4 of the amount of OJ that I had yesterday. About 60 ozzies. I’ve also had a coconut and a four banana/one mango smoothie. I hate to admit this but that’s all I’ve had. Not good. I may have some kim chee and an avocado and go to bed. Or maybe I should just go to bed. As early as it is (6:45 by my chiming clock) I’d probably not sleep all night.

I’ve sacrificed and put out an ozzie or so of OJ for the fruit flies. It must be the warmer than usual weather but there’s an influx of them like it’s August. I hope they go in there and drown.

The Lord was looking out for me today. It’s usually a struggle to take the fridge apart and get it back together but I kept everything in the order I took it out. I soaked all the pieces in the bathtub, dried them off, and put them back. Piece o’ cake.

I’d gone out to take the compost to the pile when my neighbor drove up. I asked her if I could put my trash behind their garage until I’d have time to haul it off. Turns out she was going to take theirs and she took mine, too. Praise the Lord again!

I got their Christmas gift and took it over. She had me come in and she and her husband gave me mine–outdoor lights with a motion sensor! I had considered getting that very thing but never did. She said she was tired of seeing me come home in the dark. She’ll put it up for me unless my SIL gets ambitious and does it. We’re going to be pretty busy, so I doubt he’ll have time. I can turn them off at the switch because even a dog walking by will “wake them up.”

I went to pick up the oranges, tomatoes, and bananas that I’d ordered and the oranges weren’t there yet. I like 64’s and the smallest were 56’s. The husband of the outfit said that they would be there in 45 minutes. I couldn’t wait. I took the 56’s. The tomatoes were huge and not ripe. I took less than half a box of smaller tomatoes. He had to go through them and pick out the bad ones. He knocked quite a bit off the price for which I was grateful. I got half a dozen pink grapefruit, too. When I left, I met the truck coming in. I don’t know if my oranges were on it or not but I hadta go.

I’m living in a pooped state right now so I’m going to get off here and collapse. Good night! and HAPPY SABBATH!

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