I wasn’t as accomplished today.

I did get a lot done, though. Maybe I wasn’t realistic in my goal. I have two more days to get ‘er done! And then it’s rest! Blissful rest with no push to work work work. God sure did His children a favor when he gave us the Sabbath!

I was in bed by 11 and up by 6:45. As soon as I get through blogging, I’ll be back there again. Twinkle likes it, too:

Raw Cat

If she’d behave, I’d share it with her at night but she walks around and looks at me. I can’t handle that. She has the run of the other parts of the house that aren’t closed off (like the guest bedroom and the spare room–or as Tumnus would say, Spare Oom, but there is no War Drobe).

This morning was vision therapy. My left eye was back to its old out of focus ways to begin with, but I got it back where it was supposed to be before it was all over. I was lying down on the bed for my five minutes with the wash cloth when my son called. When I got up, I called him back. He had me hang up so he could Skype me. We talked for awhile and he sent me a couple of links. He said that North Platte, NE, had something like 21″ of snow with more coming down. I’ve been praying for my sister and her husband off and on all day. He’s experienced when it comes to driving in snow but not everyone else is.

Breakfast was OJ and a smoothie of four bananas/a huge pear/two small heads of red leaf lettuce.

I started in on the house and pretty much kept at it until noon. I broke then and had a coconut. It was just about perfect. A little more than a wash of meat but not enough to even begin to be mature.

I’ve worked on the house, once again, except for eating and pottying. I did do a little on the forums plus I put up a page about skin brushing.

The rest of my food has been three tomatoes, two persimmons, some Camparis, a three banana/large head of romaine lettuce smoothie, kim chee, and a small avocado mashed up with dulse. It was pretty gross. I mixed in some dill and was able to get it down. Twinkle tried it and wasn’t too enthused.

My sister in the Great Northwest called with the news that she and her husband are holed up in a motel where there’s power. She’d called to get an update on the outage and was told that it will probably be Saturday night before theirs is over. I wish she’d left a phone number so I could have called her back. She used her calling card and it showed up as a number in Los Angeles. I know they didn’t have to go that far to find a vacancy!

I’m ready to give it up for the night. I hope everyone is safe and will have a good night’s sleep!

2 Responses to I wasn’t as accomplished today.

  1. Donata December 21, 2006 at 4:49 pm #

    The cat! How lovely!!!

  2. Tommie December 21, 2006 at 9:03 pm #

    She’s a good cat. A little on the wacky side but we get along.

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