I’ve gotten more done than I set out to do today.

I feel quite accomplished! There was one casualty, though. I had all my fingernails at just about the same length and I broke one tonight. At least, the only thing it hurt was my feelings.

I don’t remember exactly what time I got to bed but I got up about 7. I did all my exercises. Breakfast was OJ (probably 20 ozzies) and a four banana/one mango/one head romaine lettuce smoothie.

The sheets for the bed in what I guess is now the guest bedroom were clean but I washed them anyway. They were last washed over two years ago. I hung them on the line along with five pillowcases, two hand towels, a couple of washcloths, and 13 T-shirts and sweatshirts. It was sunshiny and I was thrilled to be out in it. While I was clipping the wash to the line, the clouds started rolling in. I prayed that the rain would stay away until everything got dry. It still hasn’t started raining that I know of but I had to give up and bring the shirts in at sundown and they were still damp. The sheets and pillowcases did get dry. The rest of the stuff is festooning the living room.

When I got back in, I was getting thirsty so I killed a coconut and had a transfusion. Then I juiced some more oranges and had 16 ozzies of OJ.

I started in on the spare room and got it ready to be my “cool” room. That’s what I was using the guest bedroom for. I got everything switched over and began breaking down boxes to put on the garden spot. There was a pretty good pile. I took them out and stacked them on.

The persimmons were looking good so I had three blended up into pudding. I went back to work and then took a break and had some lemonade–lemons/raw organic agave nectar/water. Thus fortified, I started in again.

Twinkle loves to go into the little bedroom. That would be okay if she would behave but she has been known to go potty under the bed. I had to chase her out an untold number of times. I would have closed the door but I had to keep going in and out, myself. She found one of her cat toys that had been missing for a long time and was all excited. She told me about it over and over.

I stopped again and had some tomatoes. They are just now getting ripe enough to be good and I got them last Wednesday. There were a couple of days that I didn’t have any and I felt deprived. I put the last of the Tajin on the ones I had today. I ate some “slaw” mixed with a goodly amount of dulse. I have enough “slaw” for one more serving.

My sister called and left voice mail and said they are still without power so they are staying at their daughter’s place again tonight. She said the devastation is terrible. They had gone to their house today to pick up the mail.

Another sister and her husband are on their way to Colorado to spend the holidays with their older son–the one who works at Dick’s. I hope the weather behaves and they have a safe trip.

Yet a third sister has let me know she’s concerned about my BUN. I wish people would realize that I’m eating the most nutritious food available. If I’d lost weight by merely cutting back on the bad food I was eating before, everyone would be cheering me on. Since I’ve departed radically from the “norm”, there’s got to be something wrong with it and me. Someone on one of the forums said she had been seeing SAD mentioned a lot and wondered what it meant. In actuality, it’s an acronymn for Standard American Diet. She thought it might mean Sick and Dead. That could be more apt. When I read that post, I got my good belly laugh for the day. I’ve challenged my sister to go get a complete work-up done and compare her results to mine. If mine’s better, she is to quit worrying. If hers is better, she can keep on. We are all supposed to eat more fresh fruit and veggies and that’s what I’m doing. I’m not taking any of it in pill form so that makes it suspect. There was a young woman on a news program today talking about a good diet. She said, “If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it.” That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.

I’m not completely through with any of the rooms of the house but it won’t take long to finish them up. Tomorrow, I’ll move on to a different part–maybe the living room. We’ll see.

For right now, I think I should go to bed.

Good night and happy trails!

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