I went from one extreme to the other but it was good!

The light went out in my bedroom at 9 o’clock. Am I amazing or what?

I got up in time to do all my exercises except for the NT and HR. I didn’t eat breakfast. There was method in my madness. I went ahead and fixed my OJ and a banana/mango/romaine smoothie to take with me. I went to see the FNP at my doctor’s office. She checked me over thoroughly and was amazed that I lost 12.5 pounds since I was there in June. She did caution me that I don’t need to lose any more. I told her I wasn’t trying and if I lose, I lose. If I don’t, I don’t. I confessed to her that I’d been halving my thyroid meds since 11/11. She ordered lab work for that. Since my relatives are concerned that I might be injuring my health with my diet, I asked her to give me a complete workup. Turns out my insurance will pay for that as an annual screening so I didn’t have to have her put, “Her sister is worried” as the diagnosis.

As luck would have it, the person who drew my blood is the one who bruised me so badly once upon a time. She used a butterfly and I thought she was never going to get the syringe filled but she finally got sufficient blood for the tests.

I managed to get copies of the results. If you click on the thumbnails, they will open full sized. The people who are learned can explain them to me.

Lab Work 1 Lab Work 2

To resize them after they are open, hold your Ctrl key down and rotate the wheel on your mouse. If anyone can tell me what this all means, leave me a comment. I’m curious. I can understand part of it but I don’t know what the CBC components are. The tale of the TSH means that I need to go back to my normal dose of thyroid meds.

I had my breakfast while I worked. And I worked at full speed ahead. I wanted to leave by noon to go get all my shopping done. I cut out before that and went to get my sticker for the license plate so I’d be legal. I went back to work and had several problems to address so I wasn’t able to leave until 12:30. I didn’t eat lunch but I had a half dozen bananas, three Clementines, and a couple of pears with me. Plus, I brought the leftover date nut balls.

It’s always a must for me to stop and fuel the car before a trip. The man at the station proudly brought out some deer whistles he’d found. He mounted them on the car for me and I was on my way.

I did a literal drive-by of Mother’s grave. It’s still there.

I was going to stop by the little “health” oriented store on my way but it was closed for lunch and they weren’t going to be back for another 20 minutes. I didn’t have time to wait. They don’t have anything I need, anyway. I ate a couple of bananas after that.

Next was the Asian market, then the organic grocery. Third on the list was the supermarket across from the Asian market. I knew I’d never make it back to Wal*Mart before sundown. The bananas were glow-in-the-dark green. I went to ALDI for bananas and got so much stuff I had to buy one of their bags to haul it. I wanted some zucchini but it was all squishy.

Somewhere in here, I did away with a couple more bananas.

Then it was home, James, and don’t spare the horses, as my mother would say. When I got into the house, I had a coconut. I also had some kim chee and three Clementines. I was hoping for a salad but it’s too late for any more eating today.

I still have to stow stuff. I’ll do it quick and dirty tonight and straighten it out later.

Good night and Happy Sabbath!

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  1. Jane December 16, 2006 at 10:50 am #

    I found your site/blog via a yahoo group (I think Path of Health). And I am not an authority on anything. And truthfully, I don’t join in and comment on these sites that I enjoy reading and learning from.

    In Jan. I will be beginning my 4th year on the path toward optimal health … via raw food and NH principles. I confess I have many, many years of SAD and prior poor health before I discovered all that I have. All prior known health issues, except one, are in the past and I love the wellness I experience. I continue to monitor my thyroid. I also had labs, last week, and saw a doctor yesterday. Long story, short. I read that you are cutting your dose of meds. My TSH was more than 2x higher than yours (way out of the range) and my T4 was within the range (a good thing), and lower the dose is not the recommended course of action. The high TSH implies I am not taking enough of the thyroid stimulating hormone (say the dr). For many years I get labs done every 3-4 months (to monitor the condition). It seems that the doctors do not know why my thyroid doesn’t stabilize (possibly my striving for optimal health plays a part?!) — so the recommended dose of levothroid fluctuates as the TSH fluctuates (I have had as high as 24+ and as low as .01 and even .00 which perplexes the doctor). I am in search of a knowledgeable professional who can better understand my situation and can help. I’ve always been told it’s important to take meds the same time every day and on an empty stomach. I was told years ago that my problem was my weight, but now that my weight has been stable for 2+ years, now what’s the explanation!!?

    Good luck and be careful about self-medicating (if that’s what you are doing).

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