Since I’ll be listening to a teleconference later with Dr. D., I’ll write now.

I’ll need to call in a little before 8:30 pm. It’s said that it will last something like two hours. I don’t know if I can last that long, myself.

Last night, after I said I was going to bed, I remembered that I still needed to make the Christmas cards for my department to send to the others. That took until almost 11:30 and it was at least that late when I got to bed. It hit me I’d failed to feed the Nocturnal Creature but I figured she wouldn’t starve so I let the poor animal go hungry.

I need to go back to yesterday. I only BodyFlexed because I was short on time. Breakfast was pretty much the same–OJ, banana/mango/spinach smoothie.

The Department Head Christmas party was at a local restaurant. It was closed so we were the only customers in the place. The people had been forewarned about my strange eating habits and were prepared. So was I. I was served a huge bowl of veggies–broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, and grape tomatoes. Plus, there was a smaller bowl of thawed frozen fruit. It had honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes. I think that’s all. I’d taken a lime and an avocado plus two small containers of persimmon pudding. That was one to eat and one to share. Oh, I took some kim chee, too. There were comments that my food looked better than what the others were eating from the buffet but no one took me up on eating some of it except for one of the men. He took some of the fruit. The internist was sitting across the table from me. He’s Asian and acquainted with persimmons so he was brave and tasted the pudding. The dietary supervisor was sitting beside me and she tried it, too. They both liked it but refused to eat more. I consoomed the contents of both of the containers that were almost full. Then I ate some fruit. Or maybe it was the other way around. Anyway, I had the fruit and pudding before I tackled the veggies. The avocado was pretty pitiful. I ended up throwing over half of it away. I squirted lime juice on it and the broccoli, etc. I had sufficient and the owner of the restaurant gave me a to go plate so I could doggie bag it. It was interesting that the cooked food was primarily shades of white and brown. There was a little red in the barbeque sauce and a drab green in the beans but, otherwise, it was a pretty much lackluster meal. The one nod to a raw dish was slaw and it was doused in mayo. More white. We had a rousing Chinese Christmas. I ended up with a vibrating pillow. Hope this one works.

When we got back to the hospital, I ate three Clementines. I’d taken some bananas with me but I still haven’t eaten them.

The weather was cool and overcast and not conducive to being outdoors. I’m a wuss.

When I got home, I had my coconut. It was the smallest one by far, and very young. Then I ate the rest of the fruit from lunch with Tajin sprinkled on it. I turned in and started fixing stuff for the office party. I didn’t really eat anything after that except for tasting things.

I made some halvah and it’s still in the dehydrator. I don’t think it’s going to be any good. I’d think the sesame seed needs to be toasted and I don’t want to do that, either. Anyway, I had declared I was going to try it and I did.

My next effort was better. It was date nut balls. I broke up pecans and almonds in the food processor until they were fairly well chopped. That went into a bowl. I pitted some dates and put them in the food processor with cinnamon, ginger, and cloves (twice as much cinnamon as ginger and twice as much ginger as cloves). I processed the dates until they formed a ball. Then I put the dates into the bowl with the nuts. I kneaded nuts into the dates until I couldn’t any more. Then I made them into small balls and that was it. Someone tried them today and was amazed that they didn’t have flour in them.

I made a batch of Mock Salmon Pate and added my own twist. I just don’t like the whang it has. I put in a good handful of parsley and it made it much better.

The gift bags were to assemble. I discovered that the one person who doesn’t celebrate Christmas was going to have to have a red bag. It was too late to do anything about it.

I’ve already gone into the card making, etc.

After my late night, I had planned to sleep an hour later and cut class. As it was, I got up at the time I usually do on Wednesday, didn’t do my Vision Therapy, and also cut class. It took that long to get ready to go. I made salsa and cut up celery, carrots, and cucumber to add to the veggies I’d brought home yesterday. I also peeled and blended seven persimmons for pudding. Getting everything into the car took awhile. Best I could do, I was late getting away.

I’d taken a three banana/persimmon/spinach smoothie to work with me.

Time out for the teleconference with Dr. D.. It was very good. Bob used my B-12 question and said that he couldn’t find me so he could bring me on the call. I was there but my calling card shows up as some strange out of the way places. He said something and referred to me as “he”. Elchanan corrected him and said I have a Yahoo group, Raw Food Lifestyle that focuses on 80-10-10. Of course, Dr. D. had never heard of me or it but he said he was honored that, essentially, we exist. There are lots of forums out there but most are the “eat whatever you want as long as it’s raw” kind. The call was recorded. I don’t know if I can share it but I’ll see.

Now, back to my crazy day. I hadn’t eaten as much as usual and I was getting hungry. I was demonstrating my citrus peeler and, since the person didn’t want the orange, I ate it.

The weather was beginning to moderate and I would have liked to have gone a’walking but I didn’t have time.

Our celebration started about 12:30 with lunch. A crockpot of chicken ‘n dumplings had sat on the table next to my desk all morning. People would come and lift the lid and exclaim over the smell. Actually, it was more of an odor and not a good one to someone who doesn’t and hasn’t ever partaken of such fare. I put out all of my offerings and, once again, they were the ones that had any color to speak of. And they were largely ignored in favor of the limp, overcooked dishes. I had a large bowl of salsa with some diced cucumber and avocado added. Today’s avocado was as nice as yesterday’s was sorry. I also had some Mock Salmon Pate with the veggies, then I had persimmon pudding with a few of the date nut balls. Not the right order to eat and my fat consumption was over the top. Oh, the kim chee was left, too. I ate a little.

We had our Chinese Christmas and I got a neat set of three frame ornaments shaped like stars. I can put pictures of my two granddaughters in them and grace the tree if I can get it set up.

The girls had gone in together and they gifted me with a really neat crockery bowl that has veggies embossed on it. It’s filled with oranges and Clementines. I took a picture of it but I won’t take time to post it tonight. There were individual gifts, too. I had quite a haul.

My last persimmons came today along with a box of sapote. Dario had kept his promise to replace the pitaya, too.

I’d ordered a box of oranges and one of tomatoes and picked them up this afternoon.

When I got home and opened the mailbox, there was a festive package from my friend, Shari. She has sent me instructions not to open it until the day I open my other presents. Hmmmm. I wonder if it would be today since I got so many other gifts? Oh, well. I’ll wait.

I got everything unloaded and into the house then killed my daily coconut. It was a fatality. I killed another one and it was good. That makes three that I’ve had to toss but it’s still not a really big percentage.

There was a little salsa left so I ate it. Then I ate the rest of the persimmon pudding. After that, I sat down and wrote the first part of this post and that brings me to now. It’s after 11 and much too late to be up.

I’m going to have to do better on my greens consumption tomorrow. I’ve been deficient in that area these two days.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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