Here I am with a sore finger and it’s the right middle one.

Seems almost every word requires its use. Not really, but often enough. There’s a tiny cut right on the tip of the finger almost next to the nail. I put some tea tree oil on it and it will feel better soon. I know that from experience.

Even though I got to bed at 10:30 last night, I was awake bright and early this morning. I had it in my mind that I needed to get up and go to work but then I remembered that it was Sunday! I turned over and tried to go back to sleep but I never did. I finally went ahead and got up about 7:30.

I’d weighed yesterday for my official and I still come in at 116 pounds. I measured first thing and I’d gained a quarter of an inch one place and lost that much another so it was a wash.

I did all of my exercises. Even the NT & HR!

Breakfast was OJ, a young coconut, two persimmons, some grapes, and finally a four banana/mango/spinach smoothie. I know. Too much variety.

I’d gotten pecans from Sunnyland Farms a few days ago. I got them out and bagged them up to store and ate a few on the way. There was a regular sized one in with my Juniors and I ate it. It didn’t have nearly the flavor the small ones have.

My daughter called and we visited just over an hour. Sounds like they are having about the same kind of weather we are. She’s at a loss to know what to get some of her relatives. I’m glad to report that I have all of my Christmas shopping done. People may not like what they’re getting but I’d be happy if I were on the receiving end. That’s the way it is. We usually give what we would like to get and since everyone is different, only the giver is sure to be satisfied. I ate three Clementines while we talked.

Since I had only fat Before pictures on my Rogue’s Gallery page, I figured people might think that’s the way I looked all my adult life. I’ve posted a Before Before.

I’ve just sort of snacked the rest of the day. Sometime, I had some more grapes, another coconut, another persimmon, some kim chee, four tomatoes with Tajin, a Banana Cookie Larabar (it wasn’t bad), and some more pecans. I was going to have a salad but it got late too soon so I’m saving that for tomorrow evening.

It’s getting close to my bedtime. I’ve gotten a few things accomplished today. Not enough but more than I had done when I got up.

Good night!

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