My bandwidth isn’t too stable tonight.

I do wish I could get broadband but I’m beginning to think it won’t happen in my lifetime.

There was time for all of my exercises except for the NT & HR. Breakfast was (surprise!) OJ and a four banana/romaine smoothie.

Someone came to my office with a computer problem and, when I was on my way to help her, someone else very special came walking in the door. It was the man to put in the new window for the office! Ever since the place was built, there was a huge window with a pass-through and a hole to talk through that only a seven foot man could reach. The window was supposed to be replaced during the renovation phase a few years ago but it never was. The project was deemed finished and closed. One of my staff brought up the need for a new window recently and the Lord worked a miracle! I got in touch with just the right people and here we are! There are stationary glass panels on either side of a center section that will slide either way. It’s beautiful! Functional and beautiful! It makes the office warmer and quieter, too.

It was blue cold today. The low this morning was 15 degrees. I didn’t walk.

Snack time was three Clementines. Lunch was a four banana/green curly leaf lettuce and an Asian pear.

I stopped at the supermarket and the bananas were just right. I got several bunches for 29 cents a pound.

When I stopped to get my coconut, I found that the refrigerator is too cold now. When my neighbor worked on it, she turned it to a colder setting and the thermometer I have in it was reading 28 degrees. I got some romaine, spinach, and said coconut and came to the house. I’d turned the setting to warmer but I knew that it wouldn’t change enough very soon to keep from freezing my food. I went ahead and killed the coconut, then cleared the nuts and seeds out of my inside fridge and took them to the other one. I had a couple of bags that I loaded up with all the perishables and brought them into the house. At least I won’t lose my food.

I had some kim chee, a persimmon (huge), and three tomatoes with Tajin. I finished it off with a cherry Larabar. It was okay but not tremendously good. I didn’t want a salad tonight.

I’m so sleepy right now it’s hard to hold my eyes open. I did a lot of computer work today and it’s made my eyes droopy. Think I’ll wind this up and go to bed. Good night!

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