Half an hour! Will I be able to make it?

I’ve not gotten a whole lot done today. I’m going to have to get myself in gear soon or it’s going to be a disaster.

I measured and was down by an inch. Weight was still 116 pounds.

Since I didn’t have to get ready and go anywhere, I did all of my exercises.

Breakfast was OJ, and a four banana/mango/swiss chard smoothie. It was better than just the banana and chard combo. I had a bite or two of kim chi/chee, too.

My daughter called before lunch and we talked for over an hour. After that, I dispatched a coconut. Then I had a persimmon of the Hachiya variety. It was good but a little disappointing. Since it was organic, I was expecting more flavor. I blended up a three banana/large pear/chard smoothie. That was the last of the chard. I ate a potato. It was larger and not as good as the others I’ve been having.

It was tomato time later on. I had three large tomatoes chopped up in a bowl. I ate ’em naked without anything on ’em. The tomatoes were naked. I had on clothes. Then I fixed a salad and ate 90% of it. I was able to salvage what I didn’t eat and it’s in the fridge for tomorrow. I topped off the day with a durian pod. Woohoo! That probably wasn’t too wise because I had avocado in the salad. What’s done is done.

I’m back to spam comments. I’ve deleted a bunch today. It’s a good thing that I have to approve anything that’s published.

My sister sent me an e-mail that she’d read that bananas can raise triglycerides. I’ve been trying to find anything that says that but I’ve come up empty. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it. She wants me to have blood work done but I don’t know what the diagnosis would be. It would cost several hundred dollars and “my sister is concerned” wouldn’t make it medically justified. Insurance is so picky!

Good night!

3 Responses to Half an hour! Will I be able to make it?

  1. Lila December 4, 2006 at 8:19 am #

    I simply looked up “triglycerides” and kept trying different sites until I found the foods that are culprits.

  2. alecia December 4, 2006 at 10:16 am #

    hello! i found your blog through the raw food group. all you have done to make such a change in your life is wonderfully inspiring.

    i am pretty much raw-vegan, but hope to go at least 70 percent raw in 2007. my change has been for health reasons. i have been sick since i was 14 with allergies, eczema and other autoimmune disorders.

    anyway, i wanted to especially thank you for the coconut tutorial!

    i can’t wait to try one!

  3. Tommie December 4, 2006 at 9:28 pm #

    Lila, I appreciate your concern but everything out there is based on the Standard American Diet (SAD). I’m not eating that way. I don’t eat anything at all, to begin with, that has cholesterol. I don’t think the sweet fruits have the same impact that they would if I were eating the way I used to.

    Young coconut is wonderful, Alecia! Just keep progressing! Not everyone does it in four days like I did.

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