Is it really after 10 already?!

I think I should just give in and stay up all night.

I had time to do all of my exercises this morning except for the NT. Plus, I got things ready for the good-bye lunch for the cardiologist.

Breakfast was OJ and a banana/romaine smoothie. I drank the smoothie at work.

The weather was nasty nasty today so there was no walking. It didn’t rain much. It was drizzly just about all day and would open up and pour now and then.

My snack was a ripe persimmon. How wonderful heaven must be! Besides seeing Jesus, the angels, and all the people who will be there, just think of the luscious fruit! I want a house made of mango trees!

Speaking of fruit, I took a basket full of lemons to give away today.

One of the nurses had brought some raw veggies so I got a little baggie of them and ate them at my desk at lunch-time. I couldn’t leave and go back to the back (except to take my contributions) until later. I took my cranberry orange relish (this time I added cinnamon), some sunflower seeds, and two fuyu persimmons cut in wedges. They filled the plate and made quite a hit. A lot of people had never had them before. I had about half the container of relish, a few wedges of persimmon, two Clementines, and a couple of bites of sunflower seeds–kind of a no-no as far as the combination was concerned. After I got back to my desk, I had a large pear.

The cardiologist was the one who had questioned me so closely about my diet awhile back. He’d asked me if I had a book he could read. This morning, I got out The China Study and The Raw Secrets to take to him. I figured the former would appeal to the scientist in him and the latter would educate him about my diet. He’s one of those people who talks like he has a machine gun for a mouth, firing off words pell mell. He demanded to know what I eat to get my calcium. I told him I eat greens and lots of them. That satisfied him. He promised to take a look at the books (notice he didn’t say he would read them) and get them back to me.

The miserable weather held so I didn’t walk this afternoon, either.

When I got home, I went to the neighbors and managed to get rid of a couple of lemons. That made five that got back in the house. Plus I still have a LOT. I also gave them a fuyu. The man of the house wanted to know if it’s like a tomato. Well, NO! I let his wife know that the freezer isn’t freezing on the fridge she brought me. She said she’d look at it and bring out another one if she couldn’t fix it.

Supper was a coconut, a potato, kim chee, three tomatoes with tajin, and a salad that was too much for me to eat. I put cashew dressing on it and used two of the lemons in it. They are so mild that I couldn’t tell it had lemon anywhere around it. Maybe they are bred for packing material. I’m going to try some lemonade tomorrow and see how that goes. I’ll probably be buying some lemons soon.

I’ve given Twinkle some beef medallions. It took her a full day to eat two so I gave her three. Maybe I won’t have to feed her until day after tomorrow. That’s mean, isn’t it? I was thinking that I have all of my Christmas shopping done but I haven’t gotten anything for the Cat. I’ll have to remedy that soon.

On the way to work this morning, I was looking at the skeletons of the trees. It wasn’t long ago they were covered with brilliant fall colors. This was one of the most outstanding autumns I can remember. Lots of color for a long time. Now, there are few leaves in sight but what I can see are the clumps of mistletoe that those very leaves hide. In years past, people would be out shooting it down so they could sell it. There isn’t much demand for it any more since the plastic mistletoe looks so real. Sad, isn’t it? And this is coming from someone who has a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree!

I’m rambling now and I need to get myself ready for bed. Good night!

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