It’s already past 10:30 so I blew it again.

I got up before 5 this morning so I can’t say I slept in. I measured–was up by an inch and a half (I was back up to 116 yesterday). I did all of my exercises.

Breakfast was OJ, a coconut, and a five banana/sorry mango/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie and lots of it.

I got some cleaning done today. Plus I started some more kim chee. I put what was ready in jars and got most of two quarts. It took me quite awhile to fix the cabbage for the next batch. I’d gotten it at the Asian market and it must’ve weighed 10 pounds. I don’t know, really, but it was a big ‘un.

I’m sitting here yawnin’ and a’gapin’. I’ll have to hurry and get to bed because tomorrow is a school day–again.

I stopped long enough to eat a persimmon. I wish I’d gotten more. Maybe mine will get here from tomorrow.

The kim chee is really good this time. I’d contained myself and not opened it up every day. If I let myself go, I could sit down and eat a whole jar of it at once. I think. I added jicama and horseradish to today’s batch. That should be interesting.

I fixed myself a bowl of tomatoes and had a sprinkle of sea salt on them. I’m trying to be good.

My daughter called and while we talked, I went out and sat in the sun.

When I came in, I was thinking about all sorts of things to eat that I shouldn’t. That was the tip-off that I hadn’t had enough calories by way of fruit today. I made a four banana/two pear/spinach smoothie and drank it. That helped. I had another bowl of tomatoes with a little hot pepper and sea salt on them. I’ve probably eaten too much kim chee today, too.

I started in slicing and dicing the veggies for the kim chee. I drained the cabbage and was able to fit it all in one bowl and mix all the ingredients together. I finally found a plate that would fit down inside the bowl and it’s weighted down with a plastic bag with brine in it. I’d like to have a crock for making it but they cost lotsa dollars.

The clock is chiming 11. I’d better take myself to bed after I feed the Nocturnal Creature.

Good night!

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