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I’ve spent some time tonight setting up a store on CafePress. Just in time for Christmas, you can get IT’S AWESOME TO BE RAWSOME! clothes for the whole family, magnets, tote bags, hats–everything but a green smoothie jug. 🙁 Frederic Patenaude has them now. The proceeds from those sales will go to help support this site. There’s not a whole lot of expense right now but I have some things planned that will take more money than I can spare, personally. The design on the clothes, etc., is pretty basic but that will expand, too, with more to come. You might say that these will be the “collector’s items” of the bunch. Yeah, right! 😉 The Originals.

Another page is up, too. Take a look! I challenge everyone to send me additions!

I was in bed by 9 o’clock last night. It was after 10 when I finally went to sleep but I rested until then. It was nice.

When I got up, it was almost 8 am. What with my feeling less than wonderful last night, I decided I would stay home for sure. Breakfast was OJ, a young coconut, and a smoothie of three bananas and a huge amount of green curly leaf lettuce. It was tasty! Then I had one of the large fuyu persimmons.

I called my friend in the nursing home. She was feeling somewhat better today (she’d gotten sick after eating a few bites of Thanksgiving dinner yesterday) but still not up to having company. She thinks it may be her pain meds that are making her nauseated all the time.

The weather was beautiful and warm. I made a big bowl of salsa and took it outside for a picnic. I was in the sun for a little more than a half hour. I’d changed into my bicycle shorts and a tank top for the occasion. The temperature was around 63 degrees F.

I came in and proceeded to peel three persimmons and made some pudding. It was even better than what I had on Thanksgiving. The persimmons were riper. If I can get enough together, I’ll make some for the Graze Your Way Through the Day day at work. It’s set for December 13.

I coulda sworn I brought the Tajin home from my desk drawer but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I had some tomatoes (three medium ones) with a dusting of cayenne and sea salt. Then I made a large salad and ate most of it with cashew dressing.

I’d not loved the “burgers” I made the other day so I mixed in more seasonings and put them back in the dehydrator. I put the leftover (!) “potatoes” and cashew gravy out to warm up. When I got around to eating them, I still didn’t like any of it. The burger still wasn’t yummy, the potatoes don’t keep well, and the gravy was soured. So much for that. I got out the cranberry relish and it was the only thing that had improved. I ate a spoonful and then I got a bowl and had some more. Somewhere during the day I had some kim chee.

And I need to get to bed. If I hurry, I can make it by 10. I still need to feed Twinkle. She’s a nocturnal cat. Good night!

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