It’s been a long day and I’m about ready to turn in.

It was 9:48 when I turned the light off last night. I got up and did my vision therapy. I had to trim off a minute here and a minute there but I got most of the exercises in.

Breakfast was OJ and a four banana/red leaf lettuce smoothie. I took it to work with me and planned to drink it during class. Only thing is, we didn’t have class but no one had let us know. We were finally able to dial into a line that ended up with a person at the other end. He said no one had told him, either, and he’d gone to the classroom to set up the equipment for us. I called the coordinator and she was very apologetic. It was okay. I needed the time, anyway.

My snack was two and a half Clementines. The xray tech had come in looking for candy and I offered her one but she didn’t want something that was good for her. Then the post office bank person came in and said she needed candy to get her blood sugar up. I gave her half a Clementine and it must’ve worked.

Lunch was a three huge banana/one huge pear and one regular size pear smoothie. It was really tasty.

I left not long after that to go shopping but I swung by the cemetery on the way to the Asian market. When I got to the AM, I hit the jackpot! I picked up the young coconut, got some longan, and persimmons! They are of the fuyu variety. Then I went on to the organic grocery and got two Asian persimmons and a passion fruit. Plus lots of other stuff. It was on to Wally World where I finished my Christmas shopping! Woohoo! Hooray for our side!

I got home and chucked most of my purchases in the other fridge and came to the house. By the time I got unloaded, ate, and put things away, there was no time to do anything else. As soon as I list my eats after I got home, I’m going to get ready for bed.

Young coconut (the most immature yet), two fuyu, three tomatoes with Tajin, a small organic potato, and salad with cashew dressing. I’m stuffed and I don’t know that I want to feel this way tomorrow. I’d thought about some things to fix but I probably won’t.

Good night!

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