I have made it through June and it’s LATE!

I got to bed later than I’d planned last night and it will be later still tonight. I do have all my pictures up through June so I’ve accomplished something, at least. My before and during pictures are toward the last of the month if anyone is interested in seeing them. At any rate, they are there and visible.

I’m a’yawnin’ and a’gappin’ as my mother would have said. I’ll have to make this brief.

I did my BodyFlex and part of the LSEs. Breakfast was an orange/pineapple/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie. I held out some before I blended in the greens like I did yesterday. The green smoothie was nutritious. My sister’s younger daughter would say it tasted “healthful”. I drank it and then had the OJ and pineapple and it was good.

After I got to work, I ate a couple of large bananas.

My order came in from cherimoya.com and it was only too lovely! Two dragon fruit aka pitaya, two white sapote, and two fuyu persimmons. Everything was huge! I got an e-mail this evening that the fuyus will be posted to order tomorrow. I surely want to get in on them! One of the girls at work thought the fuyus were yellow tomatoes they are so big.

It was pretty busy today and I didn’t have a chance to have my snack or make another smoothie. I’d taken three Clementines, a huge pear, three bananas, and green curly leaf lettuce. I ate the Clementines, the pear, one banana, and one leaf of lettuce for lunch.

The weather was still rainy and it’s turned cold. I didn’t walk.

When I got home, I sampled the kim chee. It still isn’t quite “there”. Then I had a dragon fruit that I’d gotten at the Asian market. It was the most flavorful yet. I saw potatoes and carrots on TV and they looked so good! I had gotten a couple of organic potatoes the other day so I peeled one and ate it. That satisfied me. I waited awhile and had a banana/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie with the bananas/lettuce I didn’t eat at lunch. I also had a couple bites of kim chi.

According to WeatherBug, it’s supposed to be a nicer day tomorrow. I hope so. I wore black today to mourn the lack of sun. 8)

I called my friend in the nursing home tonight. She isn’t feeling too good. She thinks she has a bug. Bless her heart, she’s going through a lot.

I’m heading to bed and “the arms of Morpheus” as my sister says. Good night!

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