May is down! Now for June, July, August…

Will it never end? I do have a method worked out that cuts down on the time it takes to update.

The first day of the Green Cleanse is over and I’ve done pretty well. I printed off the journal for it but I doubt I’ll use it since this is my journal and reporting my food, all in one.

My friend, Shari, is my buddy for the Cleanse. I heard from her earlier today but not recently.

I did all of my exercises this morning except for the NT.

Breakfast was 16 ozzies of OJ and a huge smoothie of four bananas, a cup or so of blueberries, and lots of green curly leaf lettuce.

The post office/bank person laid out today so I went in her place.

Even though there was a skim of ice on the windshield this morning, the weather warmed up enough that I could go out and walk without my sweater. It was beautiful. A nice change from the last few days.

I forgot to report the baby banana I ate on the way home and six Clementines I ate when I got home yesterday. What reminded me was the fact that I had three and a half Clementines for my snack this morning. The other half went to a couple of the girls in my office.

Lunch was a huge smoothie of four bananas, two pears, and green curly leaf lettuce. It was still nice and warm so I ate it outside in the sun.

I did another three laps without my sweater but it had started getting overcast and it wasn’t as comfortable as it was earlier.

When I got home, I had the last tangerine and three baby bananas. Then I mixed up some spinach soup. It was two tomatoes blended with lots of spinach, parsley, cilantro, and lime juice and poured over chopped tomato and chopped cucumbers. I got an e-mail from Shari and she had something very similar. “Great minds…”

I was through eating when my friend in the nursing home called for a short conversation.

I’d sampled the kim chee last night and it tastes mostly like sauer kraut. It needed more ginger so I stirred some in this afternoon. It got me wanting some so I had a few bites of kim chi. I know it’s not on the Green Cleanse but it doesn’t have salt.

If I hurry, I’ll be able to get to bed before 10!

Good night!

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