I’ve been on a roll and I’ve finished February & March!

Moving right along! Woohoo! At this rate, I’ll be current soon! Anyone for more exclamation points?!

I got up reasonably early. Since I take Sabbath off where exercising is concerned, I didn’t need to get up as early as I usually should.

Breakfast was an OJ/strawberry smoothie.

The pastor had made a remark he regretted last Sabbath regarding the bulletin. This week, he apologized to me, publicly. The way he did it sounded like I do the bulletin now. So…I didn’t want people to think I was responsible for it any more. Before the closing song, I publicly accepted his apology and announced that I had not done the bulletin for several weeks and said that Erric would be the person to contact from now on. There were lots of people there who would have no idea of what’s been going on and they probably wondered. I’d taken a pack of 28 pound paper to give to Erric and he wasn’t there. I think he’d used regular copy paper for today’s. Which is neither here nor there. It’s his baby now.

Lunch was three bananas which I ate while everyone else went through line. Someone who is interested in changing her diet sat with me. I got a tiny bowl of salad (it was the last of it) and a couple of spoons full of broccoli slaw and we ate. I was finally able to give her The Raw Secrets. Her husband figured he would need to eat a lot because after she reads that, she won’t cook any more. I don’t know that he has anything to worry about. People don’t generally transition that quickly.

When I left, I went straight to the nursing home to see my friend. On the way in, someone yelled at me. It was a friend I’ve known for most of her life but I hadn’t seen for quite some time. She informed me that I don’t look healthy. I’m too thin. My face needs more fullness. Problem is, I don’t decide where I’ll lose. Plus she certainly doesn’t look healthy. She told me she’s losing but I couldn’t tell it. Of course, it takes quite a bit for someone that large to show it. Her face was mottled and she didn’t look like she felt well. She was carrying a cushion which I assumed was for her to sit on. She has multiple health problems. When she told me I don’t look healthy, I told her she didn’t, either. That wasn’t nice but as long as we were being truthful…

My former pastor, his wife, and her mother were in my friend’s room when I got there after the “pleasant” exchange. We visited a little while, then they took their leave. My friend told me that they had been talking about me before I came in. The pastor had said he’d been concerned about my gaining so much weight (he told me once he’d been praying for me) and I look wonderful now. So…who should I believe? Someone who is quite healthy and fit, himself, or someone who is obese and wishing she weren’t?

I have no idea how long I was there but I felt like I was wearing my friend out. She looked so much better than she did last week. She was sitting up in a recliner and didn’t seem to be in as much pain as she has been. I told her I’d write about her in my blog and she was embarrassed in advance. I assured her I wouldn’t put her name out there for anyone to read.

Another couple came in so I left shortly thereafter.

When I got home, I had my next-to-last young coconut. I am so disappointed that the distributor was out. I was looking forward to getting more tomorrow. Then I some “chili” and the rest of the broccoli slaw. I was going to have a salad with avocado but I decided not to since I’d already had some nuts in the slaw. I had salad with cashew dressing. I ended up my day’s eating with a large glass of OJ. Citrus goes well with nuts.

I’d told my friend, Shari, that I wasn’t sure I was going to sign up for the Green Cleanse (through the Green for Life Program) but I have. I need to do it. My eating so much salt and fat is getting out of hand. It starts Monday. More than 250 people have signed up so far.

It’s getting on toward 10. I wouldn’t have planned to go out tomorrow if I hadn’t been going to get the coconut but I’ll have to since I didn’t lay in a supply of leafy greens in anticipation. So, it’s off to shop once again. And it’s turned COLD. It was so nice yesterday but today has been overcast and drizzly most of the day. The temperature right now is 36. I know there are places that are colder than that but when it goes from 61 to 36, it’s a contrast.

I’m going to close this down and take myself to bed. Good night!

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