Ready, set, go! Let’s see how quickly I can get this done.

It’s after 9 and I’d like to be in bed already.

I had time to exercise about half an hour this morning. Roger was bragging on me about being consistent with my exercise and I thought, “Yeah, RIGHT!” “NOT!”

Breakfast was about the same amount of OJ as yesterday. They were a different variety of oranges and had more flavor. I’m looking forward to good oranges and PERSIMMONS! I had failed to call the Asian market yesterday and all the persimmons they had gotten in are gone. I also had a three banana and LOTS of romaine and green curly leaf lettuce smoothie. Then I had three Thai bananas. I think.

There was a little fog in the valley today but nothing like yesterday. I keep an eye out for deer and haven’t seen any since The Incident. The fog had started burning off by late morning so I took off my sweater and went out and did three laps.

When I got back, I had two kiwifruit and a tangerine. Lunch was three large bananas, cut up, and a diced pear. Two Thai bananas topped it off. I had taken some more bananas and shared them with whoever wanted them.

Clouds had started moving back in this afternoon but it was still nice. I did another three laps. That makes a full hour of exercising.

BTW, when I was talking to the man at the Asian market, I found out that they couldn’t get the coconut. A sad day.

When I got home, I ate the coconut I’d gotten out of the freezer last night. It was yummy.

CallWave notified me there was a call. It was my friend in the nursing home. She said there was a man over by the wall when she woke this morning. She had no idea who it was or what he was doing. She said, “Who are you?” He said, “I’m from the phone company.” She was so pleased to find out it wasn’t the undertaker coming after her. 8) I was the first person she called on her new phone. I would be more honored if I weren’t the only person who is local. 😀 She talked about 15 minutes but I learned all about her day and how she’d enjoyed the sunshine.

While we visited, I fixed some tomatoes. After we hung up, I had them with Tajin. Then I made a medium sized salad and had it with cashew dressing. I forgot the lemon but added it later. I also had just a tad of kim chee, rinsed.

My son had called me this morning and said he’d been trying for days to get in touch with my sister out in the Great Northwest. He was concerned about her but I figure she’s okay. I think I would have heard if she isn’t. He’d called me a couple of days ago and told me he’d been in touch with a fellow we knew years and years ago when my husband was in college. Boy! That has been a long time!

I’ve made some broccoli slaw for the dinner tomorrow. I got out the cauliflower and it’s too far gone to use. I’ve had to throw away a lot of food because of not being able to eat it when I was sick. I’m still finding science projects.

It’s time to say, “Happy Sabbath!” and go to bed. Good night!

2 Responses to Ready, set, go! Let’s see how quickly I can get this done.

  1. Chris (clayjunky) November 11, 2006 at 1:47 pm #

    Tommie, have you ever had your eyes checked to see how much your perscription has improved?

  2. Tommie November 11, 2006 at 6:05 pm #

    Not yet. I still have to use glasses to read if the light isn’t good. Plus I always wear glasses when I play the organ.

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