I got through January 24 and I’m hanging it up for tonight.

I wasn’t going to get to bed late since I don’t have the bulletin to do (thank you, Erric!) but here I am.

I got up in time to exercise but I got sidetracked filling out a questionnaire on RealAge and it must’ve blown up their system. I still haven’t gotten my “real age”. It’s definitely not set up for a raw foodist.

Breakfast was OJ (probably 20 ozzies) and a smoothie of three bananas, a large pear, and a big bunch of spinach.

It was very foggy going down the mountain. It’s usually that way on the south side of the mountain, but I go down the north side and it’s seldom got more than a thin curtain of fog. It had warmed up and that probably had something to do with it.

It was still cloudy and damp but I got out and did three laps while I listened to Dr. D. This time, it’s on cleanses, colonics, and the like. He isn’t in favor of them. Neither am I. I don’t feel it benefits the body to stress it so much. I’ve done gallbladder cleanses in the past but I won’t do them in the future.

Before lunch, I ate three large bananas. Lunch, itself, was a bowl of salsa with an avocado and the rest of the large cucumber I’d taken yesterday. I’d fixed enough salsa to share but no one wanted it with anything but chips so I gave some of it to one of the nurses who will eat it with crackers and I ate the rest. I don’t think I’ll bother taking it again.

The sky cleared this afternoon and it was beautiful. It was warm enough to be out without a sweater so I went out, pushed up my sleeves, and did three more laps.

On the way home, I stopped and got some bananas and cucumbers. The girl who checked me out is the daughter of the Front Office Feline on the left in the picture on Halloween. I gave her my card and told her to go in and see her mom.

When I got to the house, enough time had elapsed after eating the avocado for it to be digested so I could have some tomatoes. I had some kim chee (rinsed) and some kim chi. Then I had three Thai bananas. The pickling cucumbers have been so good this year. I had my last one. I was going to have a smoothie but I didn’t get to it before it was too late.

Which it is now so I’m going to hit the hay.

Good night!

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