I don’t know what’s up with my ISP. What a slow connection!

I usually connect at 49.2 Kbps which is plenty slow enough but I connected this afternoon at 26.4 and this morning it was 12. Now, that’s all the way the other side of ridiculous. Right now, it’s 31.2.

The pastor had sent the information for the bulletin in plenty of time for me to get it but it was delayed coming through and it wasn’t in my Inbox until this morning. He said he would do it again. I hate that but there’s no way I could have gotten it done.

Miracles still happen! I was able to get all of my exercises in this morning–even the NT & HR!

Breakfast was a banana/pear/spinach smoothie.

I was able to take a break and walk three laps. One of the girls said it was too cold to be outside but it wasn’t any colder, if as cold, than it was yesterday.

One of the staff had her birthday today. They brought in potato soup in a crockpot (it was wonderful for warming hands), cornbread, and brownies. The potato soup did smell good but it didn’t make me want any. I just enjoyed the smell and ate my tangerine and three kiwifruit. My tongue was a little sore after I finished. I’ve heard people complain of that but it’s the first time it’s happened to me.

Lunch was three bananas and a pear.

I went out and walked around the buildings again. The x-ray supervisor asked me where and how long I walk and she thought it was good when I told her.

I went to the roadside stand to get the box of tomatoes the man had promised me. He gave me five large oranges.

When I got home, I stopped and got a coconut, the last honeydew, and the last bunch of spinach. I killed the coconut and ate it. I had a few bites of rinsed kim chee and then some tomatoes with Tajin. I didn’t eat all the tomato, but left some, added to it, and made a salad with them, red and green curly leaf lettuces, and a less than wonderful cucumber. I dressed it with cashew dressing. I need to get off the overt fat for awhile but I guess it’s better than eating something less optimal. Like cooked.

Twinkle has been letting me know I should feed her so I’ll take care of that and go to bed.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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