Today is the first day I have felt close to 100%.

I even have my appetite back. Even though I didn’t get to bed even close to early, I got up in time to do all my exercises. Even the HR and NT. Maybe “falling back” has helped.

Just got off the phone with my sister. We have made arrangements to meet at Mother’s grave later in the week. I’ll take the greenery I bought and we’ll decide what to do with it. She may get some mums to go with it.

Anyhoo, back to this morning. My back is still sore–low back. I rubbed with Pain-A-Trate three times in the night last night, then let the hot water beat on it this morning. I’m sure it was all the time I spent in bed plus no exercise for several days on end.

And I was right about my DIL’s scales weighing me light. I was 117 pounds this morning on mine.

Breakfast was a banana/blueberry/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie. It was well over a quart.

The weather was beautiful but it was so busy that the extra person I had today (because the clinic was closed) served to come in handy. At least I got through most of my e-mail. I didn’t get to go out and walk before lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I had a banana/spinach smoothie and an Asian pear. I had never had one before and I’d seen them in the stores for years. For one thing, they didn’t look that good and the price was the other thing. I’d gotten one the other day, though, and figured I needed to use it before it spoiled. It turned out to be very tasty. Crisp, juicy, and sweet. I’ll have to indulge again someday soon.

I finally went out this afternoon and got 15 minutes of walking in.

The lady whose car I hit had brought in her estimate. Most of $1000. I turned it in to my insurance. It will probably make my rates go up but I sure can’t see paying that much myself. Maybe they won’t go up so much that it would make it the better part of wisdom not to pay it.

The adjusters (two of them–one for each accident) called today. I took my car to the shop this afternoon. I’m driving a red Grand Am of an uncertain age. It’s a nice car but it isn’t me. I had the man at the body shop look at the bumper and I was right–it’s just paint transferred to my car. He got it off with his hand and said he’d polish it up. Wonder how much that will cost me. While I was out, I stopped at the roadside stand and got some pears.

There was less than 1/4 tank of gas in the car and the light came on coming up the mountain. I stopped at my usual place to get gas. The owner was startled to see me in a different car. His wife poked her head out the door and said, “Ooh la la!” When I told him what happened, he said his daughter had totaled her car when she was hit by a deer. Actually, I guess the deer totaled it. Anyway, he said that I can get “deer whistles“. They are cheap enough that, even if they only work part of the time, it would make them worth it. He swears by them. Now, I haven’t ever even seen many deer around and, all of a sudden, I narrowly miss one and another one hits me. It’s like I have a target painted on my car. Thinking back, there was a truck parked by the road when I missed the first one. I wonder if they were lurking, hoping for venison.

I got home and parked in the driveway so I could grab a honeydew and a coconut. I figured I’d better let my neighbor know that I was in the red car so he wouldn’t come gunning for an intruder. I just told him my car is in the shop and this is a loaner. No use to go into detail.

I don’t like cold cold honeydew. I have it sitting out so it will warm up before morning. I killed the coconut and drank the water, then ate all the meat. It was nice and young.

I had some rinsed kim chee.

Since I’d been unable to eat the cashews last night, I made a salad (a bigger one) with red leaf, tomato, and cucumber and dressed it with cashew dressing. When I was walking today, I was listening to Dr. Graham and he said that if a person truly wants veggies, they would be willing to eat them in quantity alone, by themselves, with nothing. Like just lettuce. I’m still at the point that I like mine embellished. Guess I should still have “transitioning” in my blog title.

I had a couple of BES calls scheduled tonight but I couldn’t get through to either person so I’ll try again another time.

For right now, I think I’ll do something out of the ordinary and go to bed.

Good night!

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