Here I am, back home, and it’s late!

I shouldn’t have talked to my daughter as long as I did, I guess, but it was so pleasant to have a conversation with someone who understands what I’m saying. It’s been a rough weekend.

Guess I need to go back to yesterday to catch up. Breakfast was a banana (three), blueberry, green leaf lettuce smoothie. I took lots of bananas with me, a couple of pears, some romaine, and a salad I’d made for the evening meal. The salad was red leaf lettuce, romaine, cucumbers, a tomato, plus I put red onion, avocado, and lime juice in a container to add later.

I got to the university and parked in the supermarket parking lot since I was sure (and I was right) there’d be no parking any closer. I hoofed it to the church in my high heels.

It was no problem finding my sisters and brother-in-law. They always sit, pretty much, in the same place every year. We hugged/kissed and settled in for the service.

Something about the setup for the sound system made it hard to hear the speaker. The music was good, though too loud at times. The postlude was the music that the Farmer sings to Babe the Pig when Babe is sick. That scene kept playing through my mind as I listened.

We walked down to where the Alumni Association provided lunch–lasagna, salad, various and assorted other dishes, and dessert. I picked through the salad and got what looked good. I had a banana and a pear and then ate part of my salad. My appetite still hadn’t come back.

We sat and visited for a long time. Other family members had joined, too.

When we left, I went to my son’s place, unloaded, changed clothes, and made a banana smoothie with three bananas.

I’d thought my son would be pleased with the fact that I’m looking/feeling so much better but he was using words like “gaunt” and “anorexic” and saying that he was concerned about me. To back up his statement, he said that his cousin is, too. Now, none of them eat even close to what they should, so I don’t know how he comes off with telling me that. He said I need to start eating “normal food” again. I don’t know what is more “normal” than what I eat. Maybe scrambled eggs and pizza? Finally, he said he wasn’t going to aggravate me about it and that is okay with me.

There was a sandwich supper where the family was to meet again, so my DIL and my granddaughter went with me. I took my salad along, too.

We didn’t get to sit with the rest of the family. Some friends who used to pastor my church sat across from us and we visited while I picked at my food. I’d gotten some fruit that seemed to have some kind of sweetener on it. I ate a little of it but it didn’t taste right. I was a little paranoid about the salad because I’d had some of the red leaf lettuce in the salad I’d eaten the night before I got sick. I ended up pitching a lot of it. It takes awhile to eat a large salad and do it justice, anyway. It’s almost impossible to do it and talk, too.

I went to bed shortly after we went to the house. I didn’t sleep too well, not being in my own bed. Guess I’m getting old.

I got up this morning and weighed. I was down to 114. I’m sure it will be more tomorrow. Those are the scales that weigh me about three pounds less than mine here at home.

After my shower, my underarms were still stinky. Seems my post-illness has made my sweat very unpleasant. I didn’t have anything with me to kill the smell, so, on a hunch, I went to the kitchen and got the sea salt I gave my DIL many years ago. I put some in my palm, rubbed it under my arms, and whaddaya know! It worked!

My breakfast was a smoothie of three or four bananas and romaine. My granddaughter had a normal breakfast of Fruity Cheerios–maybe half a cup. She left most of the milk in her bowl. My daughter-in-law had a normal cup of coffee. My son had what, I don’t know.

Everyone but my son went to pick up the cake. When we got back, we finished getting ready for the birthday party. The guests arrived and refreshments were served after the gifts were opened. There was a veggie tray but I think I was the only one who ate any of the veggies. Everyone had large pieces of normal chocolate birthday cake and whoever wanted them had normal juice boxes. There were also normal potato chips–two different kinds.

A couple hours later, the guests took their leave and my son got my granddaughter another piece of normal cake with the admonition that she would have to eat “something good” after that. When she was through, she said she was full. Not a whole lot he could do.

I think I had another banana smoothie in there somewhere but the morning was a blur so I can’t say for sure.

I got the car loaded and left. I went lots of places and got lots of things–mostly food. It was almost dark when I got home. I put some of the food in the second fridge, grabbed a coconut and came to the house. I was pretty hungry by that time so I killed the coconut and had it with most of the meat (I put the rest in the fridge). My daughter called but I still had stuff to put away and supper to fix so I e-mailed her that I would eat and call her after. I had some kim chi, some rinsed kim chee, a fairly large salad of green curly leaf lettuce, a cucumber, a tomato, dressed with a too seasoned cashew dressing that was mostly tossed after I ate everything else.

Then I called my daughter, we visited for over an hour, after which I caught up on the forums somewhat and here I am. We have fallen back an hour and it’s still almost 11.

Good night!

PS: I got two blouses just alike that were on sale. I’ve been watching for them to be marked down. I got one medium and one small so I can still wear one when I waste away some more.

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