I’m on my way to Homecoming soon!

I’m not taking my laptop with me because I’ll only be gone one night and there’s no good place to set it up to be online at my second son’s house. I need to get them a wireless hub, too, like I did my oldest but it’s a little late in the day to do it now.

I woke at 3:15 this morning, rarin’ to go. It’s nice to be back to what has become normal for me. I made myself stay in bed until 5:15. It’s almost 6 now.

Since I’m sure everyone is waiting with bated breath for the following information, I had a normal b.m. this morning. I feel like I’m back on track!

Today will be a red-letter day for my family. Three of my four sisters and I will be together for the first time since my mother’s memorial. I wish the fourth could be here, too. That would be not only a red-letter day–it would be stupendous! She hasn’t been out here for Homecoming since I can’t remember when. Something like 10 years ago? The year she was here was the year my granddaughter got Twinkle. Maybe she’ll read this and let me know for sure.

Speaking of Twinkle, she is rousting around the house. I don’t know if she’s actually chasing something or just burning off steam.

Tomorrow is my younger granddaughter’s birthday celebration. She has been five since the 18th but tomorrow is the first day that everyone can be there. I’ll be spending the night with them. It will be nice to be able to be with Family.

I need to check in on Roger’s forum and look in on the Nook!

Later, everyone! Have a happy and restful Sabbath!

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