Oh, mercy! I have felt awful today!

It can be one of three things. Either it’s a bad combination from my supper yesterday, it’s a Bug I’ve picked up from the hospital (there’s at least one going around), or it’s Clostridium difficile. I don’t think it’s the last but it could be either of the other two. I got up early this morning since it was the day for class and got into the shower. I managed to shampoo my hair before I had to give it up and get out to use the bathroom. I thought I was through when I had to get up and turn around with my face over the seat. There wasn’t much to throw up. Maybe a tablespoon full. I went back to bed thinking maybe I’d feel better later. I made up my mind to miss class but I needed to go in because we are so short-staffed.

I waited and called the person who goes in at 6 am. I gave her some directions and said I would be in later if I could gather myself up to go. After we hung up, I thought I had some gas but it turned out not to be just gas. I cleaned it up as well as I could and still haven’t summoned the enery to change the bed. Twinkle smelled it and tried to “cover it up”.

I’ve spent most of the day in bed. It was early afternoon before I could even drink water. I haven’t had enough, I’m sure, but it makes me feel sick to drink it. I had some OJ, then later on, I had some more. I’ve probably had a quart of OJ today. I didn’t take my thyroid med and that may be one reason I feel bad.

I’m going to go on and lie down now. I did call the body shop and the adjuster. I never heard back from the latter.

Good evening! Pray for me!

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  1. Cindy October 28, 2006 at 4:04 pm #

    I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling bad! I bet you nearly forgot how it felt, huh? Well, I hope you’re completely over it today or very soon, at least! I’ll pray for you!

  2. Tommie October 28, 2006 at 4:50 pm #

    Thanks, Cindy! I feel much better today and it’s true I’d about forgotten how bad bad felt. I appreciate your prayers.

    Your RawMom

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