I’m up ‘way too late and it’s a “school day” tomorrow.

I got to bed earlier than this last night and slept until my mind changed. To quote my mother. I weighed and I was right. I sabotaged myself with my salt binge. I was up by three pounds. I didn’t change my ticker because I know it’s fluid. My arms measured a half inch larger. That was the only thing that changed. I trust both of them did.

I did all of my exercises. It took most of an hour to get through them, but get through them, I did.

First thing, after I exercised, I killed a coconut. Then I went to my other fridge and got out the last honeydew and ate it.

The menus and shopping lists for the next three weeks have been posted so I printed off the list for Week 2 and left it on my computer!

I left to go shop later than I wanted to but I piddled around and I can’t blame anyone but myself. I went by Mother’s grave on the way out and brushed the grass off her stone as best I could. I need to get a whisk broom to carry in the car so I can do a better job. Her arrangement is looking sad.

First stop was ALDI. I’d gone in for a quick look, then went and got a cart so I could load up. On my second time through, things weren’t as good as they seemed to be at first glance so I ended up with three avocados.

Next, it was the Asian market. I got the two cases of coconut that I’d ordered and a bunch of Thai bananas. The ones I already have are taking a long time to get ripe.

The organic market only had one bunch of spinach so I got it, plus lettuces and other things I can’t remember right off. I got ’em, paid for ’em, and loaded them in the car.

Then it was to a supermarket across from the Asian market (I was on my way back). There were some rather decent looking mangos for 99 cents each. I got 10 plus some cucumbers. At the checkout, the girl told me the amount due. I had it written my check when it dawned on me that the total was definitely too much. When I looked at the monitor, I’d been charged $1.69 each for the mangos! I told her what they were supposed to be and she called the manager. He was going to check on them so there I stood, waiting. He got sidetracked so the cashier went to see for herself. By that time, he’d sent someone else. Then the cashier got back and told him I was right. She was very nice about it and I appreciated getting the $7 taken off. They used to have a policy that, if the price was incorrect in the computer, you got the item free but I guess that’s a thing of the past.

Wally World was next. I got the things I needed there, plus I got some greenery for Mother’s grave. I thought I’d gotten two caladiums alike but they aren’t. Guess I’ll have to go back and get some later.

My last stop before home was the grocery outlet. Last year, I got some really good frozen strawberries there. I looked and looked today and there were none to be had. Their produce wasn’t very attractive, plus it was more expensive than the other stores I’d been in.

When I pulled into the driveway, I stopped and put the frozen fruit, coconut, and melons in the auxiliary fridge. I hope the freezer is freezing. I should have put an ice tray or something in it to make sure it’s working okay but I didn’t.

I’d barely gotten into the house when my daughter called. The food was still in the car so I told her I’d call her back. I got unloaded and put most everything away. I killed a coconut, drank the water, and was eating the meat when I called her back. We talked for about a half hour.

I was in the mood for some salsa. I made a bowl full after I ate some kim chee. Then I made some Fred’s Mom’s Salad but the mango was so stringy that it could be used for dental floss. I ate most of it and threw the rest away. I cut up the remaining tomato and had it with Tajin.

That was supposed to be it for today but I was still hungry. I ate some more kim chee after I rinsed all the salt off of it that I could. Awhile ago, I had two Thai bananas. I haven’t eaten the way I should today and I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow. I usually do.

I was looking at my pictures that I posted yesterday and I would be willing to bet a dollar to a doughnut (appropriate, huh?) that I weighed close to 200 pounds in the first one. It’s obvious that I’d lost some weight when the NYC pictures were made in May 2005. That was seven months after. I have no idea what I weighed in October 2004. I told my daughter today that I didn’t know because I didn’t want to know. And that’s the truth.

And now I’m going to bed. Good night!

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