Here we are! We made it!

I didn’t have time to exercise this morning. Since I still have to make up my bed (the couch) I’m going to make this short. It was my choice to occupy the couch so don’t feel sorry for me. It’s closer to the bathroom and in the same room with the jacuzzi. 😀

I took a couple of large pears to class this morning. One person ate one piece but the others turned it down. Most munched on the crackers someone else had brought it. You can’t account for taste.

Mercifully, class didn’t last as long as usual. That was good since I still had a lot to do.

I stopped on the way home and filled the car’s tank. It didn’t take much but I don’t like to start out on a two-plus hour trip with less than a full tank of gas.

When I got home, I blended up a banana/mango/spinach smoothie. I used frozen mango again. At this rate, it won’t last long. I brought half of what was left with me.

I got everything loaded, left Twinkle some dry cat food (she won’t know what to think) and took off. It hit me that I should have found out for sure where I was supposed to meet the other supervisor. I went in and got a couple of things and then went back to the car. I’d gone in one entrance and came out the other just in case she was waiting there. When I got to the car, there she was. Her mother had brought her so she would be able to leave her car at home.

We got on our way after prayer for a safe trip and the Lord saw fit to grant my request. We didn’t stop until we got to a candy outlet where, to this day, I stop to go potty. JM bought a few things but I just looked around and remembered when Mother and I stood in the middle of the store and sang. That was the last time I was there with her. She’d had her 100th birthday just two months before. She was a fun person. When we got back in the car, I broke out the dehydrated mangos I brought. JM tried a piece and liked it.

It was on to the hotel where we have found ourselves on the top floor. I told JM that we are in the penthouse. It is pretty nice. There’s a fireplace across one corner of the room I’m in but it’s too warm to use it.

I set my blender up and made a banana/romaine smoothie. It got late enough before I finished it that I had to take it with me to the reception-meet and greet. It was complete with food. I indulged in honeydew, cantaloupe, strawberries, and pineapple. A couple of the vendors were interested in my drink. I didn’t have my cards with me. I’ll have to remember to take them tomorrow.

There were two people who used to work for the same hospital JM and I do so it was like Old Home Week. After we’d eaten and visited, they wanted us to go shopping with them but we begged off and came back to the room. I made a big salad with Frederic’s tomato mango dressing–again. I’ve decided that I’m not going to try to follow the menus while I’m here. I will eat raw (surprise!).

I started triggering with the network box and couldn’t get anything to come up on Opera. I can’t get my e-mail, either, except on webmail. Finally, I tried IE and that’s what I’m on now. Not my preference but I’ll take it.

I’ve caught up on some of the Nook and I’m going to publish this, make my bed, and lie in it. Good night!

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