It’s time to give it up for tonight.

I’m up late once again. Same song, different verse. I’ve been working on my pictures (what else?) and have gotten through the rest of November and into December. Some of the pictures were of the best durian I ever tasted. I’ve added cherimoya and white sapote to my fruit/veggie page, too. Moving right along! My daughter asked me if the longan is really a lychee. It isn’t but they are related.

I got up in time to BodyFlex this morning. I weighed 117 but I don’t think that will hold for tomorrow. I’ll wait and see what Sunday has to bring.

Breakfast was a whole honeydew melon. Since it was Monday and raining, the mail person didn’t have her car so I “got” to go to the post office and bank. As I said, it was raining/cold so walking was out.

My melon was gone by about 11 so I peeled and ate a good-sized cucumber.

Lunch was two regular bananas and four Thai. If the Thai had all been really really ripe, I would have eaten more. The really really ripe ones are extremely delicious. The ones that aren’t as ripe are good but not knock-me-out good. I wish I’d gotten a picture of the ripe ones. The skin on them had shrunk like mummy skin. My mouth is watering. Not over mummy skin but remembering how good the inside was.

I was craving salad all day but it isn’t on the menu for today. I took the option of fixing one of my favorite green smoothies when I got home. I got some mango out of the freezer, thawed it and blended it with bananas and SPINACH! I saw on the news that some of the spinach farmers are thinking about cutting back on their crops because of the disaster. I hope not! I looked for it at Wally World and didn’t find any.

I’d had my fill of sweet so I had a couple tomatoes, plain, and a couple of bites of kim chi. Not on the menu but not salty or fatty, either one.

It’s not getting any earlier so I think I’ll let this be it for tonight. Sweet dreams!

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