No pictures tonight! It’s too late!

It’s been a different sort of day. I got up, measured, did all of my exercises, got all of my laundry done early, and set out for my grocery shopping excursion. My daughter called just as I was getting ready to walk out the door. I didn’t call her back.

I’d lost a half inch and am still at 119 pounds.

Today was a short fast. I drank quite a bit of water. I would have had more but I wasn’t home where I could run to the bathroom whenever I needed to.

I went by Mother’s grave. The people were there, mowing and weed-eating.

The people at the Asian market had all of the food I’d asked for. They assured me that I would be able to pick up coconut next Sunday. That’s okay. This week is a no fat week.

I went to the organic grocery and they have SPINACH!!! Yea! I got two bunches. I would have liked to come home and make a green smoothie but I was to break my fast with fruit.

I’d made a list and left it here by the computer. I remembered to get everything that was on it, anyway.

Next was Wally World, then the place where I usually get oranges. I got some muscadines, too.

When I got home, I stopped and put part of the produce in the extra fridge. It didn’t seem very cold. Maybe I should put a thermometer in it.

That reminds me. I got a new indoor-outdoor thermometer. It’s just a little updated version of the one I had. I was tempted by some of the fancier models but I knew I don’t need anything more than what this one will do so I resisted temptation. It was the base unit that had gone bad. The new one started picking up the reading from the remote unit as soon as I put the batteries in it. I put the old remote in the bathroom and the new one in its place.

I broke the fast with two huge pears. When I first started eating them, my mouth hurt. I don’t know why but I persisted and the feeling went away. It was the roof of my mouth, mostly, and it felt very irritated. Maybe it didn’t like being disturbed.

After I got everything stowed and my meal out of the way, I called my daughter. They were having phone trouble. My son-in-law called me on Skype and we had a good conversation while my daughter was waiting for a dial tone. She finally gave up and called me back on his cell phone. It was hard to hear her sometimes and she had to repeat. Maybe I’m getting old and hard of hearing. We talked for a little over half an hour.

I need to feed Twinkle and go to bed. I’m going to hang this up for tonight. Good night!

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