I’ve made it almost halfway through November

getting the pictures put back where they belong. I feel like I’ve accomplished something, for sure.

It was later than I wanted to get to bed last night, as per usual. When I get all the pictures put back, I’ll have more time to sleep. I shouldn’t feel so pushed to do it but I know I won’t be able to feel like this is complete until it’s finished.

One thing about yesterday that I failed to post–I was in the supermarket buying produce (what else?) when I saw one of the doctors reading labels on peanut butter. I went over and told him, “What you do is go eeny, meeny, miney, moe and then say, ‘I don’t need it anyway’ and walk off and forget it.” He said it was true he didn’t need it. He was looking for one with the least amount of sugar. He asked me if I don’t eat peanut butter and I said no. I was sort of surprised when he said, “That’s good.” That prompted me to tell him that I don’t eat anything cooked. He cocked his head and said, “You just eat raw food?” When I said yes, he said, “That’s really good! You don’t get toxins from raw food and they help to clear out the ones that are already there. You get toxins from biscuits and gravy and all that junk. When food is cooked, it creates toxins.” I told him I’d been eating that way for over a year. He said that he knew I’d been losing weight but he hadn’t known how. That makes him, my FNP, and my gynecologist who think I’m doing a good thing. A lot of the people I run into online who are eating raw say their doctors don’t support them. And here I have three (counting the FNP).

I got up and gathered all my food for the lunch today. Breakfast was three big kiwifruit and a banana/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie.

When I got to the Fellowship Hall to deposit my food, the principal of the church school informed me that he had failed to send me any bulletin information and the church service would be different from what the pastor sent me. Since that’s about par for the course, I said okay and asked him to fill me in. He gave me the particulars and, from what he said, I was going to have a vacation from the organ except for song services. That was fine with me.

After I was at the organ right before church, the teacher came up and told me that we were going to follow the service as it was in the bulletin up to the sermon and then there would be no more need for me to play the organ. It’s a good thing that I’m used to such.

I’d taken my “slaw”, three tomatoes, and some sliced cucumbers for the dinner. For my own meal, I had four bananas. Someone asked me if that were all I was going to eat. I said that I planned to have tomato and cucumber if any were left after everyone had gone through line. One of the ladies ran over, got the platter, and brought it to me. I thought that was very nice of her but I had her take it back. I’d only been able to fit two of the tomatoes on the platter so I figured I’d still have some. And I was right. There were several slices of cucumber plus I cut the remaining tomato in wedges and had a good rest of the meal.

While I was eating, one of the ladies who is on the nominating committee was questioning me about what I’d put down when I filled out the information sheet for offices I’d be willing/anxious to fill. I told her that I’d put organist, period. She said, “That’s all? You don’t want to do the bulletin again?” I had been thinking that I should tell them they should be casting about to find someone to take it. I told her no, I was too busy, it was too frustrating, and I was burned out. It just so happens that one of the new members has expressed an interest in doing it. Praise the Lord! She asked me what if he changed his mind. I told her, “If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.” She was very relieved that I was not only willing to let it go, but was overjoyed! She said she had been afraid I wouldn’t want to let someone else do it! If he wants it right now, he can have it. I’d like to call him and offer it to him but that would have to go through the church board, I guess.

People were curious, as usual, about my lunch and I fielded lots of questions.

After I dropped my things off at the house, I grabbed a little lamp that was gathering dust and went to see my friend in the nursing home. Her mind seemed clearer today. A couple I know was coming in to see her, too, so we all had a good visit. Mealtime came and we left so she could go to the dining room to eat. BTW, she loved the lamp.

It was time for me to eat again, too, when I got home. I did in a young coconut, then had some “chili”. Since the first week of the BES is starting soon, I ate the other half avocado that was in the fridge and finished up the “slaw”. That was three different kinds of fat. Not a good thing and I’m feeling sleepy because of it.

I was supposed to be through eating by 6 and I almost made it. It was probably 6:05 when I finished. And now it’s the 24 preparatory fast. I’ll be grocery shopping tomorrow. It isn’t good to do that on an empty stomach but I’ll be okay. At least, everything I buy will be good for me.

I’d better get to bed soon so I’ll be well-rested. Good night!

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