Thanks be to God that the work week is over!

And now it’s Sabbath! I can look forward to the rest of these special 24 hours and relax from the week I’ve had.

I slept in until it was ‘way too late to do any exercising. Up until today, I would feel like I was being lazy because I was sleeping past the time the alarm went off but Dr. D. was talking about just that very thing when I went on my one set of three laps around the buildings. He says that the human body knows how much sleep it needs and it’s impossible to get too much but it’s very possible to get too little. He says that, if a person sleeps past the alarm, all it means is that the sleep is necessary. If I wake up in the morning and want to go back to sleep, it isn’t because I’m lazy. It’s because I’m tired. I don’t feel tired but I guess I must be. If I want to sleep in, I won’t have a troubled conscience enny more.

I wasn’t particularly hungry. I decided I would just drink water. I took water to work with me and had quite a bit. Then the apples in the break room started calling to me. I ate a total of three and a half. It’s hard to eat very many apples.

There were problems galore today and by the time I got them all taken care of, it was time to leave.

I stopped by the supermarket and the roadside stand and bought food to last me until Sunday when I plan to go to the organic grocery.

When I got home, I ate a few bites of kim chee (rinsed) and kim chi. Then I had a cucumber. I made a big bowl of salad (red leaf lettuce, cucumber, two red and one yellow tomato, avocado, some red onion–why do they call it red onion? It’s purple! dressed with lime juice). I ate about half of it and it just wasn’t “doing it” for me. I didn’t want to cave and put salt on it so I caved and put some olive oil. I ate it all.

Tomorrow is the general fellowship meal (my brother-in-law calls them pot-gut dinners). I had the ingredients for broccoli-cauliflower “slaw” so I made a good-sized bowl of it. I probably tasted it more than I needed to. Now I’ve had three different kinds of fat–avocado, olive oil, and cashews.

And it’s past time for bed. While I ate my salad, I multi-tasked (a no-no per Dr. D.) and got some more of my pictures in September 2005.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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