I’ve been restoring picture to their rightful places.

I’ve gotten through August 20, 2005. I’m sleepy, falling off my chair so I’ll make this short.

Class was this morning and vision therapy. I didn’t eat breakfast until after class since I was planning on a huge bowl of cantaloupe and I didn’t want to repeat the time I had to leave to go to the bathroom.

It was well after class was over that I finally got around to eating. It was so busy I didn’t get to go walking.

Lunch was a banana/romaine smoothie, two small cucumbers, and some dehydrated mango. I’d thrown my lunch together in a hurry this morning. I’d taken some Thai bananas to share with the others and everyone liked them.

My odd combination for lunch left my stomach a little uneasy. I would have given a lot to go walking but it never worked out.

I stopped and bought a box of green tomatoes. I have no idea when it will frost but the weather is supposed to be getting cooler.

It was coconut time when I got home. Then I had some “chili”. I mixed up a salad of red leaf lettuce, cucumber, tomato, Texas sweet onion, avocado, and lime juice. I also added some ::gasp!:: SALT! My ankles are beginning to get puffy again. I had a few bites of kim chee.

The booster calls are going on for the BES but I’ve already been through them so I’ll let them do without me.

I’m up much too late again and Twinkle is parked on my lap, supervising this post. Guess I’d better quit, get her some food, and go to bed. Good night!

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