It was another beautiful fall day and I was working.

Today was Columbus Day but do you think I got to stay home? NO! I had to work! It surely would have been nice to have the day off, though.

I’d been wondering about my sister and her angiogram. I got an e-mail from my niece a few minutes ago saying that she’d had to have another stent but it was an easier procedure this time. She’s doing well and was sleeping. I do hope this is all she has to have done. I’ve heard that as much as 90% of the population have heart problems but don’t know it.

I got up in time to do all of my exercises–even the NT & HR! Now we’ll see if I can do that again in the morning. I hadn’t planned to be up as late as I am tonight but maybe so.

Breakfast was a cantaloupe smoothie and two pears. I had the smoothie at home and the pears at work.

I’d taken my running shoes to work with me since I’d worn blisters on my feet the other day while wearing trouser socks. I changed and went for my three laps. I hadn’t thought that my running shoes were heavy but there was a distinct difference. I listened to the first part of the CD about weight loss.

My sometime walking buddy’s husband passed away and was being buried today. I went to the visitation for a few minutes. He was 91 and had been ill for a very long time.

Lunch was a banana/pear/romaine smoothie. It was very thick. One of the aides was asking me if I had always eaten that way. Nope! I used to junk it up like she was today. She had chips and a big piece of French bread with cheese melted on it. It looked like it had butter on it, too. It didn’t appeal to me at all.

I did another three laps in my running shoes.

When I got home, I had a coconut. Then I ate a lot of scuppernongs. That was followed by some tomatoes with Tajin which was followed by a large salad and some kim chee. I rinsed some of the kim chee and it was a lot less salty. I made up for that with salt on my salad, though. I need to quit tempting Fate. The salad was romaine, red leaf, tomato, cucumber, onion, avocado, dressed with lime juice.

My daughter called tonight with the dates that she and her husband plan to be here. It will be Christmas before we know it!

I’m going to get another picture or two restored to their rightful place(s) and then go to bed.

Good night!

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