It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky.

I didn’t pay any attention to Twinkle’s meowing this morning. I’d given her plenty to eat last night so she had to just want some attention. I chose to sleep instead and didn’t get up until 7:30.

My indoor/outdoor thermometer is really aggravating me with not showing both temps so I worked on it for a long time this morning to no avail.

I measured and found that I’m down by another inch and a half for 36.5″ loss overall from the beginning of time. I’ve gone up and down so much that I remember reporting on a 36″ inch loss a long time ago. It keeps shifting. I’ll get a little bigger one place and smaller in another and then some weeks (like this one) I’ll lose several places. My weight was 119 but I changed my ticker to 120 because I can’t bring myself to believe the 119. Sunday is my “official” weighing in day. The other days of the week don’t count. They are for my own amusement.

I did all of my exercises and did it feel good! I’m going to make it a point to get to bed so I can do the same in the morning.

It was coconut time and my neighbor caught me in the act. I explained what I was doing and she told me to be careful. She works construction (she and a partner have their own company) and she gets good deals on things that the public wouldn’t normally know about. She’d told me recently that they bought a bunch of new refrigerators that have dings that are only cosmetic. I went over and asked her how big and how much for one. She’ll have one delivered to me the day her pellet stove is brought out. The fridge has an icemaker that isn’t installed. I’ll leave it out. I don’t use the icemaker I have. Another fridge will sure help with the overflow. Sometimes I feel like I’m being attacked when I open the one I have.

All visible neighbors left so I changed and went out to sun. I don’t know how long I was out there. I’d failed to start the timer for the first 15 minutes on my back. When I discovered my boo-boo, I turned over. I was listening to the #5 CD of PHP, finished it and listened to all of #6. It was especially interesting because it was about candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, and metabolic disorders. Since I have a son who is diabetic, I listened very closely. My husband’s niece has CFS. I’m sure I was at least borderline diabetic when I started eating raw food. I had quite a few of the classic symptoms. I was one of those people who didn’t want to know for sure, though. I’m ripping some more CDs while I write this and the one that’s processing now is on how to have lots of energy even if you have chronic fatigue. I was outside for a good hour and a half. That wouldn’t be advisable in the summer but the sun is beginning to weaken.

I came in and was fixing the last of the last watermelon for the season, probably, and my daughter called. I went ahead and ate it before I called back. I know why watermelon is better in the summer. I got cold. I grabbed the phone and ran a tub full of water. While we visited, I immersed myself.

We talked for almost an hour. I got out of the tub just before we hung up. I told her about one of the ladies at church asking me about my diet. She has some health problems that prevent her from eating certain foods and she was wondering if raw food would be the way to go. I’m going to take her Fred’s Raw Secrets. I told her about the Body Enlightenment System but I don’t know what her financial situation is. I do know that lots of people think of it as a weight loss program but it isn’t, exactly. It can be that if that’s what a person needs (she doesn’t) but it can also be a program to gain weight if a person is too thin. It’s primarily to regain lost health or improve the health we have. People will spend money on doctors, tests, and hospitals to try to fix problems but they don’t want to spend on something that will make those things either unnecessary or less necessary. Then they’ll try to economize on food when they drive nice cars and live in nice houses. Food is one thing I won’t economize on. I’ll wear clothes off eBay and use a blender from the same place. I’ll buy a fridge with a ding but I’ll get the best food I can possibly afford. My body is the most important possession I have. It houses ME. I used to feed it cheap food but I learned the hard way it wasn’t the thing to do. When it doesn’t get the best, it not only suffers physically but spiritually and mentally.

I’ll climb off my soapbox now. Speaking of the BES, I’ve been checking on the site off and on today and the discounted price is still there. I don’t know if that is a mistake or if they’ve been too busy getting ready for the kickoff tomorrow night to change it. It’s worth far more than they are charging. And I’m not saying that because I’m going to be part of it this time. That does up the value, though. 😀

I had a couple of bites of (uh-oh) kim chee. Then I made a banana/mango/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie. It was very green. I’d been wanting some pasta with Magic Tomato Sauce so I made it. I’m out of the tomatoes that I dried last summer so I used some commercial ones. It wasn’t nearly as good. It was okay. I put about half of the sauce in the fridge and I’ll probably toss it later. After that, I had an ear of corn. A large salad was next and I made some more of Matt’s dip to put on it. I made sure I didn’t put in too much onion this time but I wasn’t so careful about the salt. I may be blown up like a balloon in the morning. There was so much of the salad that I had to throw some of it away. I hated that but there was no way I could eat it all. It wasn’t very much.

I wrote my bio for the BES and sent it off. I have a name picked out for my team. We’ll see if it’s appropriate. If it isn’t, I’ll change it.

Before I go to bed, I’m going to get some of my pictures up.

My sister goes in for an angiogram tomorrow. She’s the one who had the stent put in not too long ago. That could have been me.

Good night and sleep tight!

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