I’ve been on the call for who knows how long.

I finally signed off after it was obvious that nothing much was going to be accomplished until the access to the forum is the same. The call was to troubleshoot the problems people are having on the Mastery Nook. It served to point out the differences in systems, browsers, operating systems, etc., etc., plus permissions. It could have been funny in another setting but I wasn’t laughing. I wanted to get to bed at a reasonable hour so I finally bid them all a fond adieu and signed off. The comedy of errors had started with some numbers being transposed in the security code so I didn’t even get into the call for the first part.

I slept in this morning. I’d finished everything up and gotten to bed at 11 last night and it isn’t going to be any earlier tonight. Being Sabbath, I didn’t exercise. Being late, I didn’t eat breakfast. I did drink a tall glass of water.

I was quite content, stomach-wise, through all the services. When I got home, I did in a young coconut and ate probably half of the meat. It was the most mature young ‘un that I’ve had yet. I put the rest of the meat in the bag in the freezer. Then I had some scuppernongs and took pictures for the fruit/veggie page.

I’d thought about going to sun but it was 62 degrees with a pretty good wind blowing. Kind of cool for baring everything the law allows for an hour.

Next on the agenda was tomatoes, cumin, and a sprinkle of cayenne.

My friend is still in the nursing home. I got ready and went to see her. I spent quite a bit of time there–long enough that she told me I’d better get home. She seemed to be doing better mentally but she was in quite a bit of pain. It’s hurt her that she’s had to give up her apartment. I know that’s hard because she is a very independent sort. When I went in, her daughter and her family were there but they left shortly. It wasn’t long before sundown that I came home after visiting with some other people I know before I left.

I was getting pretty hungry. I had half a dragon fruit, a cluster of longan, what amounted to a pod of durian, and a large salad with Matt’s dip. I was saved from too much salt (the first I’ve had in several days) by my putting too much onion in the dip. I ate what I could of the ingredients (romaine, green curly leaf, cucumber, onion, and tomato) and dumped the rest. I avoided the onion on top of onion. It was kind of an expensive waste because the cashews were really raw cashews. I also had a few bites of kim chi and ONE BITE of kim chee. The former is the salt-free and the latter is salt-y. I was down to 120 this morning. We’ll see what that does. I’d gotten up as high as 125 after my salt binge.

My stomach was burning from all the salt. To remedy that, I had some coconut from the stash in the freezer. I dug down toward the bottom and it isn’t as good as fresh. Wonder why? 😕

I’ve figured out how to get the links where I want them. The BES link will be coming down after midnight tomorrow. Enrollment stops and the booster calls start on Monday to ready everyone for the first day a week or so later. I just checked the site and the special price is still there. I don’t know if that’s intentional or a mistake but if anyone is on the fence, now’s the time to get off and grab it while it’s reduced.

It’s well after 11 and I’m not even close to being ready for bed. Guess I should get off here and get to it.

Later, dudes and dudettes!

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