It’s been a L O N G day.

I think I’m going to have to rethink going shopping on Thursday every week. It puts me back home quite late, then I have to eat and put everything away. Tonight is supposed to be bulletin night but the information isn’t here. The pastor’s wife attempted to send it but something happened and it didn’t go through. Rather than ask if I got it, I would have preferred to have had it sent again, even if I got it twice.

I didn’t have enough time for all of my exercises this morning so I just did the LSEs. They are a pretty powerful set of exercises that only take a few minutes.

The information finally came through but I’m not going to do it tonight. That means I’ll have to go by the hospital Sabbath morning to copy it but I’m not staying up any later than when I finish this and get ready for bed.

Breakfast was a banana/mango/green curly leaf/romaine smoothie. It was pretty green. I need more greens.

I did my three laps around the hospital this morning while I listened to #5 CD of the PHP. You’d think Dr. Graham would run out of things to say about health but he doesn’t. And I have seven more CDs to go! Plus what’s left of #5.

Lunch was a banana/pear/romaine smoothie. I’m still getting rid of salt. My ankles were better today but not all the way back to normal.

I left work as planned to go grocery shopping. I stopped and got some scuppernongs on the way out. I may change my day to Sunday. I could get in touch with the people at the Asian market and ask them to save me whatever they think I might be interested in. I stopped by and checked on Mother. The grass needs mowing.

When I got to said market, there wasn’t much to choose from. One of the Lunch Bunch wanted me to get her some kim chee and they were out. I ended up with longan, ginger, and Thai bananas. I’ll take a picture of the bananas tomorrow. She said it will take a week or so for them to get ripe so I’ll take more as the days go by. I think she is a little confused about how I eat because she kept telling me ways to cook them. When I asked if they can be eaten raw, she said oh yes! but then she went back to boiling, frying, and baking them.

I went on to the organic market and got all the greens I needed except for spinach. When I asked about it, the man said that Whole Foods and other big places like that would get to stock it first. He said they are small potatoes. Then he said that he thought there was some investigating still going on. I told him it was a bunch of malarkey, that lots more people die of E. coli from beef and it’s still on the market. He agreed. I’m about tired of this.

I wasn’t going to give up on the spinach situation so I checked another place before I went to Aldi. On the way to Aldi, I ate a banana and some dehydrated mango that I’d taken along. I got what I could at Aldi and then it was to Wally World (spinach? I don’t think so!) and on home. No wonder it’s too much for after work!

When I started up the mountain, it was obvious that it had rained. We do need it.

Supper was gazpacho, a few scuppernongs, and some of the salt-free kim chi I got at the organic market. It’s good but it’s mushy. Not crisp like the salty kind. I had a couple of olives that I’ve been soaking, too. They aren’t delicious, still, but they’re better.

It’s going to be midnight before I get to bed if I don’t quit this soon. BTW, I’d asked the forum members to post some comments so I could see how they work on here and they came through! Moving right along!

Good night!

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  1. Ciera October 6, 2006 at 1:38 pm #

    Hi Tommie, I love reading your blog and am learning a lot from you. Lately you’ve mentioned “scuppernongs” a couple of times. What are those? Thanks. Ciera

  2. Tommie October 6, 2006 at 7:38 pm #

    I’ll post pictures of scuppernongs later on the fruit and veggie page. I thought they were pretty common in the South but some of my co-workers had no idea what they are so I’ll include them. They are a variety of muscadines. What I think of when muscadines are mentioned are a dark purple, almost black grape with a strong, perfume-y flavor and smell. The scuppernong has much the same smell and taste but they are a greenish gold color. One of the girls said today that they taste like wine. I’ve tasted wine and the scuppernongs are much better.

    I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I hope you do better than I do! I slip into my old ways too often and pay the price. Even though I stay raw, I’m not always sticking to optimal.

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