I got another page up today!

It’s the one to the right about the durian, King of Fruit! Check it out and then go to your nearby Asian market and buy one. Be prepared! It’s like nothing else you’ve ever tried!

And now for a plan. I’m going to have a page of assorted fruit and veggies that I’ve tried over the time that I’ve been blogging. I’ll add to it as the months and years go on and that way it will be a reference that will be easily found. I love WordPress! At first, I wasn’t too sure but as I find out more and more of what it will do and how much easier it is to work with, I’m a believer.

I didn’t have time for all of my exercises this morning. I did the BodyFlex routine but that was it. Breakfast was a banana/pear/romaine smoothie. I walked three laps late morning.

Lunch was a banana/peach/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie. While I was drinking it, someone who used to work at the hospital came in and started talking to me. He said that there has to be nutrition out there that is healing and I told him there is and it’s raw food. He kept on about how something can be extracted from food to make people well. I asked him why not use the whole thing? He looked at me like I was speaking jibberish. What is it that makes people think they can “improve” on what God has created? Is there something in food that isn’t necessary? I don’t believe we need to eat orange peeling or banana peeling but those are the “packaging”. I could get wound up on this but I need to get to bed.

I’d taken dragon fruit, longan, and durian–I like to live dangerously. I introduced several of the Lunch Bunch to the first two and I ate a pod of the durian myself. One of the doctors tried a longan (dragon’s eye) and thought it was very interesting.

Mid-afternoon, I took another three laps around while I listened to the PHP.

The coaching call was this afternoon. I stayed at the hospital for it, though I should have come on home. It lasted over an hour and a half. Momentum for the BES is building. Tomorrow is the last day for registering at the special discount. It’s going to be an amazing ride! And this time, I’ll experience it as a coach. Anyone who signs up and says Tommie sent them will get a free gift. What, I don’t know. If you find out, tell me!

When I got home, I ate a big pie pan full of watermelon. Then I had some kim chee followed by some tomatoes with Tajin and more kim chee. I haven’t had any fat to speak of today but I sure have had the salt!

I need to hit the hay. It’s not getting any earlier. Good night!

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