Thank God, it’s Friday! And I mean that with great sincerity.

I have been meeting myself coming back for so long that I don’t know how to slow down, it seems. I always have to be “doing” something, even if it doesn’t accomplish anything. Well, I’m going to take a break tomorrow. Several of the church members, including the pastor, will be on a campout. Since it’s the last Sabbath of the month, I’m not sceduled to play the organ. I’m taking advantage of the situation to relax and have a real rest day.

Word came yesterday that my oldest sister was taken to the hospital with chest pain. Nothing has shown up, so far, that I’m aware of. She’s a tough little lady. I’m sure she’ll be okay. I had wondered if it could be a gallbladder attack because that’s the way one or two manifested themselves with me. I never did have nausea and vomiting except maybe once. Aren’t you glad I shared that?

I was up late late again last night and slept in this morning until there was no time to exercise.

Breakfast was a banana/mango/romaine smoothie. I went for three laps around the buildings. It was a little on the chilly side. The low temperature here last night was 40.6. It was warmer than that, but I doubt that it made it to 70 today. I was listening the the Perfect Health Program and it was about getting sufficient rest. That just what I’m gonna do.

Lunch was four large bananas. I went for another three laps.

Since I’d gone in an hour early on Tuesday, I cleared it with the boss and took off an hour early this afternoon and headed for the Asian market and the organic grocery. The lady seemed pleased to see me. I guess she should. I don’t ever go in without buying something. I was looking at something and didn’t hear what she said as she headed to the back. When she came out, she had a little paper tray like some fast food places serve french fries in. It had three pods of durian wrapped in plastic wrap. She said she was going to have it for her snack but the store got busy and she didn’t have time so she wanted me to have it. She had me smell it and it smelled wonderful! I bought some more kim chee, a whole durian, some longan (dragon’s eye), and dragon fruit. I’ll take pictures tomorrow and post them. I think I’ll ask for Thursday next week and see what treats they have. That’s the day they get the fresh produce.

From there, I went to the organic grocery. No spinach but they had some of the most beautiful lettucess I’ve ever seen. I got green curly leaf, red leaf, and romaine, plus parsley, cilantro, and basil.

It was on to a supermarket where I sat in the parking lot and slurped down the durian. I’d taken bananas to eat but the durian was better. I went in and washed the sticky off my hands and then went and checked on the status of spinach. The produce man said that it can be eaten now but they can’t get it. Well! I don’t see how we can eat it if there isn’t any around. I told him I’m having spinach withdrawal. He sympathized but couldn’t do anything about it.

Aldi was still open. I found enough change in the little pocket thingy on the dashboard to get some zucchini and an avocado.

Then it was “Home, James, and don’t spare the horses!” I wanted to go by the cemetery but it was close to sundown so I didn’t. When I got unloaded and in, it was Sabbath. I got the rest of the romaine out of the fridge and washed it. I fixed a large salad of romaine, tomato, cucumber, and avocado with kim chee and lime juice. The avocado felt like it was going to be rotten. I was fully prepared to throw it away but it was just really ripe and beautiful.

I think I’ll get out some coconut and have some before I go to bed.

Good night and Happy Sabbath!

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