Woohoo! I got up when the alarm went off.

That’s unusual. Even though I got to bed later than I should have, I had class to go to and that gave me the impetus to get with the program. It’s Wednesday and vision therapy day. I got through the whole exercise and welcomed the five minute rest on the bed with a warm washcloth over my eyes. That was most relaxing. I could have stayed there longer but I had places to go and people to see.

Breakfast was a banana/pear/romaine smoothie. I’ll be glad when spinach makes it back into the stores. I got it down before I left for the hospital. When I walked in, someone asked me where my drink was. The DiSC was as much fun as I remembered and I was amazed to find that my profile had changed drastically since I did it several years ago. The only think I can think that made it happen is my current lifestyle. Before, I was content to drift along and let life take me where it wanted but I have a purpose now.

I went for my three laps around the building and finished listening to the first CD of the Perfect Health Program. I need to rip the second one and transfer it before I go to bed. I finished up my walk with music. It wasn’t nearly as interesting.

Since Department Head meeting was right at my lunch time, I decided I’d wait until after. There was a great announcement! I have been pushing for a new phone system for the 10 years I have been supervisor. What we have was installed when the hospital was built in 1970. It’s been on its last legs for years and had been approved in the capital budget several times only to be shot down. The administrator said it will be replaced sometime during the first quarter of 2007! This is the closest we have ever gotten to a new one. It’s going to cost big bucks for our small facility but it will be worth it. The switchboard lives in my department and it’s very distracting. We will still have one in there but most of the calls will go straight to the individuals and bypass us.

With the important business out of the way, I got my bowl of watermelon and headed for the patio in front of the nursing home to eat. It was a beautiful day and perfect to be out in the sun. It was late enough to be okay and warm enough to be pleasant.

What with the meeting, I didn’t have time to walk this afternoon.

When I got off work, I headed to town and got a watermelon, then went on to visit my (puny) friend who has been put in a nursing home. It’s not our nursing home but they give their patients good care. I used to work there when I was very young and I can’t say that for it then, but things are different now. She seems to be doing better, physically, though she still can’t walk very well. I saw a man who used to be good friends with my late father-in-law and though he is quite elderly, he’s still sharp as a tack. I stayed and visited for quite awhile and then came on home to supper.

I whipped up a large salad and some of Matt’s dip to go on it. When I went out to get some basil to go in it, I picked half a dozen or so figs and ate them. My salad was good but I put too much salt on it. I had a few bites of kim chee, too.

It’s been a long day and I still need to load my Micro. Better call it a night for this. Later, folks!

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