The dawn of a new day?

Well, actually, it’s night. And it’s getting later all the time. DID YOU KNOW THAT? I’m beginning to think that I’m not going to be able to get to bed on time. Ever. I certainly won’t if I don’t quit fooling around.

Notice anything different? My SIL got everything transferred to WordPress and this is my first post using Write Post. What about me? Isn’t that amazing? I tried to put the title, description, and ticker in a table, centered, but it threw everything else out of kilter so I went for a centered off-centered look. I can live with it until I figure out how to fix it. But not tonight. Thanks to my SIL for all his hard work and expertise! Let me know what you think of the new format!

It was pretty late when I got to bed last night. I hope I can beat that tonight. I lay me down to sleep about 11:30. I got up early enough to get in all my exercises and do a small load of laundry. I got to work almost on time.

Breakfast was a banana/pear/romaine smoothie. I drank a little less than half at home and the rest at work.

I keep forgetting to say that I ripped the first CD of the Perfect Health Program and put it on my Micro. I listened to it while I walked around the loop three times. It’s very interesting. It made me feel like I should say I eat 99.9999999% raw since I eat some dehydrated foods, even though it isn’t often. Dr. Graham was also saying that nuts are dried so they can keep without molding. I would love to eat fresh nuts. I’ve heard that they aren’t anything like we get in the store.

Lunch came around before I knew what was happening. I thought it was about 11:30 and it was going on 1. I had a banana/peach smoothie. It was very pretty (and it tasted good, too) but one of the nurses thought it looked only too gross. And that’s from someone who was chowing down on a hamburger steak. Go figure.

Mid-afternoon, I went for another three laps and listened to PHP some more. I’m supposed to listen to the whole thing as one of my coach-training assignments for the Body Enlightenment System. It’s one of the most enjoyable assignments I’ve ever had.

I’d taken the rotten mangos with me so I headed across the mountain after I stopped and got bananas. I went to the cemetery this time and apologized to Mother for the unmowed-ness of the grounds. Then it was on to Wal*Mart where I was given a refund for 10 mangos. I kept two in the hope that they will be edible. I did a little shopping and asked about spinach but there was none. The woman said she’d heard this morning that it’s being cleared to go into stores again. I’d heard that, too. Then it was on to a supermarket where I found the biggest papaya outside of the Asian market yet. And it was $1.39. I got one. I asked about spinach there and the young man told me that it was still unsafe. I told him what I’d heard this morning and that was news to him. He said that he supposed it was a good thing it was taken off the market. I surprised him by saying I didn’t think so.

It was on home and I had a big bowl full of “chili”. Then I ate a little kim chee. I topped it off with some corn. It was supposed to be Bodacious but it was Ambrosia. It was good, anyway. I may have some coconut in a little while. I forgot to report that I had some corn yesterday, too.

Twinkle is helping me write this. She’s a strange cat.

I have GOT to get to bed. I hope everyone is asleep that’s supposed to be. And they are warm. I got an e-mail from my sister that she’s already had snow where she lives. BOOSH!

Good night!

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