I’m down to the wire. I’ve been playing with

I’m down to the wire. I’ve been playing with WordPress. Between my son-in-law’s help and my bungling around, I think we’ve made some progress.

Last night’s time to bed was exactly one hour later than the night before. I slept in until 8 o’clock. Lazy, lazy! It was nice not to have to roll out at a certain time (as if I ever do). The rain was coming down, as it did most of the day. A nice day to sleep.

I measured, first thing. Well, almost first. 🙂 I lost a half inch. Actually, I lost a half inch, gained a half inch, and lost another half for a net loss of a half.

My weight is stuck at 121.4. No biggie. It’ll do what it wants to. I’ll keep eating good ol’ raw food.

I did all of my exercises.

The food I ate today wasn’t terribly balanced. Breakfast was a cantaloupe smoothie. It was what was left of the huge cantaloupe. It didn’t make even close to a quart. I had a huge piece of watermelon next.

The morning was largely taken up with doing laundry and computerizing.

I was fixing a bowl of Fred’s Mom’s Salad when my daughter called. I finished it up and called her back–and then she called me back. She has flat rate long distance so it doesn’t cost her any more to call me. I ate while we talked. Between our visit and lots of good advice from my son-in-law, we talked for quite awhile.

I promised my SIL that I would look at WordPress some more so I did. I found a template that I like–it’s very minimal. The name of it is Omit Needless Elements and it does. It’s easily customized, too. I don’t need a lot of decoration. I wanted my ticker on it and my SIL figured out how to do that. I got the font down to a reasonable size and did some work on the links. Only thing is, the site info is ‘way down the page so I’ll have to see what I did to make it do that and not stay up where it’s even with the posts.

During that time, I stopped long enough to kill a coconut. Then I had some kim chee. I wanted to try the hummus recipe I posted a week or so ago and substitute cashews for the sesame seed. The zucchini I had was a small one so I had to half the recipe. I think it needs to sit for a day so I put most of it in the fridge and ate what was left in the blender container on some romaine leaves. I had some coconut, too, after that. Not much in the way of balance today but I’m not going to eat anything else at this late hour.

I forgot to tell my daughter about my dream last night. She was probably 11 or 12 years old and we were at an amusement park. There were long winding walkways that were suspended ‘way up high. When we got to the ticket booth, it was $40 each to get in. I paid it and got my receipt. The first place we went was where we would get into a plane that had side by side seating but it was like a twin fuselage with bi-wings. Strange. They were zipping around everywhere and they weren’t attached to anything. While we were waiting to get on the ride, my receipt blew out of my hand and went fluttering to the ground. It was a long way down so I didn’t try to get it. I didn’t know if I’d need it for any of the rides or not so I don’t know if we ever got to do anything. I woke up. Guess it’s a good thing. I might have crashed us.

Tomorrow is another day. I’d better hang this up and hie me to bed.

Good night!

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