This morning, I got the dreaded Blue Screen of Death for the first time in I don’t know how long. I’d have to look back in the archives to see and I’m not gonna. Sorry if someone is waiting with bated breath to find out. I’m typing this in OpenOffice and will paste it into the post when I get online. Hopefully, it was a fluke and I won’t get it again but I’m not taking any chances.

I got to bed about 10:45 last night for my earliest night in a long time. Since this morning was supposed to be vision therapy morning, I was prepared to sleep in a little while. It suddenly hit me that I was supposed to go to work an hour early for a class and my eyes suddenly popped open and I was out of bed in an instant. I didn’t have time to do any kind of exercises.

Breakfast was a cantaloupe/spinach smoothie. The huge cantaloupe I’d bought the other day wasn’t very sweet. It was more like a veggie than a melon so I added a squirt or two of agave nectar. It was edible. I had an 8 ozzie glass before I left for work and took the rest with me in a quart jar. It filled the jar. I got a straw and drank it during the first half of the class. Not a good choice. I had to get up shortly before the break and hie me to the bathroom.

When the class was over, I went for three laps and finished listening to Roger’s interview. It was very good.

I was kind of hungry after that so I got a good-sized hunk of watermelon I’d taken with me and chunked it up. I shared some with the girls and was a little put out when I found one of the pieces in the trash. I coulda eaten it had I known she was going to throw it away. I didn’t say anything to her but I have spilled the beans now. Or the watermelon.

Lunch was Apples with Snow. It was two apples and three bananas but I could have gladly had more. It was good.

I’d found the next teleseminar on my Micro so I set out for another three laps. This morning, it was cool enough that I wore my sweater but it had warmed up a little so I went in my shirt sleeves. I listened to the interview for the full time I was walking and they had yet to get to the subject which was EFT. It’s a Mark Joyner production, too, but I wouldn’t recommend it on what I’ve heard. I’ll listen to the rest before I make that my final answer.

After quitting time, I went into “off work” mode and checked the forums, updated, and read lots. I blended up a banana/romaine smoothie and since I had cinnamon there for my lunch, I added some of that and agave nectar and came up with something that was interesting if not delicious.

A few minutes before 6, I proceeded to the church and had a hard time getting comfortable. At first, I was cold but warmed up, finally. My neck has been having some twinges and I’m sure it’s a combination of not enough rest and sitting for an hour and a half each night, staring at the screen. It was a good presentation, as usual, and I loved the music for the offertory. It was a country arrangement of an old hymn and a real toe-tapper. There were no refreshments after it was over but that was okay. I haven’t stayed for them, anyway, because they’ve always been punch, cookies, and/or some kind of bread. Nothing raw anywhere. I guess I could take something but it seems it would be a good idea to have really healthy food if they are going to serve something that late.

Since there weren’t people visiting, I got home a little earlier. I’d had fruit all day and was ready for something savory. My mother used to can tomato juice and mix lemon with it when she would give it to me. I was sick with scarlet fever and a touch of rheumatic fever when I was a freshman in high school. I came down with it the last day of Christmas vacation and was out the rest of the year. Mother’s brew would soothe my sore throat better than anything else and she’d bring it to me by the quart. Tomato juice seemed like it would fill the bill tonight so I blended up a bunch of tomatoes with lime juice and a touch of cayenne. It made more than a quart and a half and I don’t have much to go to kill it. It’s GOOD!

So…as soon as I finish the tomato juice off and brush my teeth, I’ll head to bed. And not a minute too soon. Night night, everyone! The temperature is 48 outside right now. It won’t be long before I’ll have to build a fire!

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