It’s turned cool. Fall is on the way. I love to see the beautiful colors on the trees but I’m sad that all the good fruit and veggies I’ve been enjoying will, for the most part, be only a memory. EXCEPT for the good they’ve done my body! That can’t be taken away from me. The only way that could happen is for me to do it myself by going back to eating dead, deader, and deadest food.

I’m sitting here with a cat warming my lap. She must’ve read that because she is up and threatening to jump down. It’s like she can’t decide what to do. And now she’s gone and I have cat hair on my clothes. She isn’t actively shedding but she leaves a hair here and there.

I got in all my exercises this morning except for the NT & HR. And that’s after getting to bed at 12:30. I really must do better tonight.

Breakfast was a smoothie of bananas, peaches, and ::gasp!:: spinach! And it was from a bag I bought before the recall! I’ve had two other meals of bagged spinach and I’m still alive and I haven’t gotten sick! True confession time. Think about it. There are 150 farms that process their produce through the plant that the contaminated spinach was traced back to. It made up less than 1% of the spinach distributed in the US. That means that over 99% of the spinach sent to stores during that time was safe. BUT, it was decreed that all the spinach should be thrown out. Well, I’m sorry. The odds just aren’t stacked against me enough for me to cave. Cigarette packs have warnings right on the labels but are they taken off the market? No. And we KNOW people die from smoking every day. Might be kind of like apples and oranges to compare spinach and cigarettes but I think you get my drift.

I went out for a three-lapper around the buildings and started listening to an interview Mark Joyner did with Roger Haeske. That’s my coach, Roger. I feel famous! If you sign up for Simpleology 101, you’ll get access to that interview plus lots more. Roger’s interview is how to eat like a pig, be satisfied, and still lose weight. That’s not the exact title but it’s close.

Lunch was a banana/pear/romaine smoothie.

I took the executive secretary some of my undergrown clothes and she was pleased to get them. It’s hard to think that I used to be that big. I did three more laps around the building and listened to Mark and Roger.

I’d taken supper with me–a large salad of romaine, cucumber, and tomato, with Matt’s dip for dressing. And therein lies a tale. I ate most of it before the coaching call and finished it while I mostly listened and did very little talking. After the call was over, I did a few things on the computer (checked my forum, etc.) and then went to the church. You know how I was being a little pompous last night because I didn’t get sleepy during the last 30 minutes of the seminar? Well, I got my comeuppance. The cashews made me sleepy and I actually dozed off once! So…I guess if we all stuck to low fat raw foods, we’d be able to stay awake.

The pastor is supposed to send me the details for the service Sabbath. I want to get an early start on the bulletin since I won’t have as much time to do it. I don’t think I’ll try to work on it tonight. I’d rather go to bed.

Good night!

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