I didn’t get to bed until 12:15 last night because I just didn’t. Nothing kept me up but me. I had eaten about a tablespoonful of cashews and I was sleepy but I stayed up anyway. My mother would say I was being contrary.

I “slept in” until 8:30. As a consequence, I didn’t get my exercising or breakfast until after the team call. I lay outside in the sun while that was going on. Someone has to take notes on the call but I’ll let someone else do it. There were several people who were envious of my sun and 72 degree weather. Some people were up before daylight to be able to participate.

There was supposed to be a special guest but he/she didn’t show up. I don’t know who it was and the coach contacted everyone to see if we could do it at 7 this evening. That’s when the seminar started so I had to say no. I don’t know what they ended up doing.

I did all of my exercises. Breakfast was the last coconut. I had to kill it today because I’m going to be otherwise occupied for the next almost week or so. The next installment of breakfast was a large piece of watermelon.

The forum didn’t get much attention from me. There were other people posting and I appreciate what they did. I did get on there and put a couple of messages out tonight. I need more members who will be active and post! Click on the link and sign up! There are some interesting discussions going on.

Lunch was Fred’s Mom’s Salad:

Fred's Mom's Salad

Click on the picture to open full size.

In looking for the code to post my picture, I discovered a miracle! My pictures are back! I thought, at first, that they were just the ones I had on flikr but they aren’t! They are all here! Praise the Lord!

I keep forgetting to include the occasional fig I find. I had a fig or two, too.

My daughter called when I was eating my supper of a large salad. First salad I’d had for awhile. It was romaine, cucumber, and tomato dressed with Matt’s dip. I put too much salt. I was down to 121 this morning but I’ll probably be 124 tomorrow.

After I finished, I called my daughter back and we talked a little more than 20 minutes. I had to take a shower and be on my way to the seminar.

I went prepared for the refrigerated air tonight. I wore jeans and a heavy top plus I sat as far away from the a/c as I could. When my daughter was little, she would ask, “Mom, could you turn on the cold heater?” when it would get hot in the house. Well, they turn on the cold heater up to high. They don’t want anyone sleeping, I guess.

It’s almost an hour and a half past my bedtime (I have been doing other things besides blogging all this time) and I must get to bed. Tomorrow is a school day.

BTW, I found out today that anyone registering for the Body Enlightenment System that says Tommie sent them will get a free gift. I have no idea what it is, but Frederic always has something good up his sleeve…

Good night!

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