Here comes Twinkle, nosing around again. She was hissing at me earlier. I’d been out to look at the fig tree and I don’t know what I might have stepped in. After an episode like that, she acts embarrassed and tries to make up with me.

It was 10:17 when I got in bed last night. The attendance policy at work allows for a person to clock in up to seven minutes late and still be considered on time so we’ll invoke that leeway here. I’m still going to try to make it by 10:15, though. My staff knows the seven minute rule but they are, by and large, on time if not a little early.

I woke about 3 this morning and thought about getting up at 4 because I was wide awake but I didn’t. I went back to sleep, eventually, and slept until 7:30. It was nice not to have to be concerned about rushing around to get ready for work.

As planned, I fixed the ingredients for Fred’s Mom’s Salad plus I took some red leaf lettuce to go in the bowl if it were too little for the “presentation”. I loaded up the part of a watermelon to take, too.

Since I didn’t have my blender, breakfast was three fat bananas. They were just getting speckled and had a very good flavor.

Church was quite interesting this morning, music-wise. The pianist decided to rewrite the time on one of the songs (not unusual) and we had to stop and start over. Then, when the trio was singing a capella, the soprano decided on a different tune. She was embarrassed but there was no need. She was among friends.

I was afraid that my food might have been put out without being “fixed” so I made my way to the Fellowship Hall as soon as I could. It was safe and I got it assembled and didn’t need the lettuce, after all. I put some of the salad out into a bowl for me and put the rest on the table laden with cooked food. One of my friends had brought watermelon from her garden that was really good so mine stayed in the fridge. She cut me a good-sized piece (almost 1/4 of the whole melon) and I chunked it up and put it on a platter. One of the ladies saw me coming through with it and thought I was on my way to put it with the desserts but I proceeded to my place at the table.

A lady who is very interested in health sat across the table from me and we had a good conversation about different ways of eating and getting the essential nutrients, etc. She gave me some almonds. I saved them to eat later. My salad was almost gone when I got the bowl. My friend had another helping and I finished it up. The people who’d tried it seemed to like it.

My puny friend had requested no visitors except for me and no phone calls so I loaded up a plate to take to her. A couple of people gave me flowers to take, too. She was indisposed when I got there so I waited until she was decent and visited for awhile. I told her I should probably leave so she could rest but she protested so I stayed. Not too much later, she said that I probably should go. She was very apologetic but I told her I understood completely.

I went by my office and got my blender container. The registrar was glad to see me since she’d had a patient from a foreign country and didn’t know what to do. She figured it out with me looking on so all’s well.

When I got home and unloaded (I forgot my bowl) (I’ll get it later) I killed a coconut and ate part of the meat. It was more mature than the others so I froze a lot of it. Then I fixed more than a quart of my tomato/parsley/lime juice smoothie. I added some cayenne this time. (I’d planned to go out and sun as soon as I got here but the shadows were already covering a lot of the yard.) I got out the red leaf lettuce I brought home and made a salad with it, cucumber, and tomatoes. I fixed some of Matt’s dip except I made it more like a dressing. And I put SALT in it. And I put SALT on my salad. That is something that is so hard for me to beat. I guess I need to use EFT whenever the craving hits.

I’ve worked some on getting WordPress set up. It’s slow going but I have some links on there. I don’t like the way it has them sorted, though. I thought it would post them in the order I had them but it didn’t. I have lots to learn. I did figure out the timestamp and I did the “About” but I need to redo that. Will I ever get it ready to make it public?? Well, yes. It will take time but doesn’t everything? This, for instance. I need to publish it and go to bed.


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