I told my Mastery buddy that I was going to try to get to bed earlier tonight. I’ve fooled around and it won’t be earlier, though I trust it will still be on time.

Last night, it was 10:15 on the dot when I got in bed. I got up late, though, and only had time to do my BodyFlex and part of the LSEs.

Breakfast was a large mango/spinach smoothie that I didn’t have time to drink before I left home. It rode to work with me in the blender pitcher, seatbelted so it wouldn’t turn over. And durn, durn and double durn! I left the pitcher in my office when I came home. I’ll go by and get it tomorrow. I shared the smoothie with my puny friend and she liked that one, too. She said she didn’t know if she is supposed to drink it in addition to or instead of what she was eating. Well, my mercy! It was a very small one–I didn’t think she would be able to do a quart to begin with–so she could surely starve if she only ate that.

I went out walking and listened to Frederic some more. It was a three hour teleconference so I’ve been listening to it for awhile.

My snack was three kiwifruit–the last three organic ones.

Lunch was Fred’s Mom’s Salad and two people asked for some of it. They used to look at my concoctions sideways but they are realizing that what I eat is really good. I’d tried to think this morning what I could take and thought I’d take some tomatoes. Then I thought I’d have some mangos, too. It just naturally progressed to Fred’s Mom’s Salad. I could take that for the fellowship meal tomorrow. It wouldn’t take any upfront preparation except I could peel and chop the mangos, onion, and mince the cilantro. I’ll take the tomatoes and fix the rest of it there. I hadn’t planned to stay but I think I will. I could take the rest of the watermelon that’s in the fridge, too.

I thought I wasn’t going to get to walk this afternoon but I did, after all. I listened to the rest of the teleconference and that was it for the MP3s I’d put on the Micro. I finished up by listening to some of the music that came on it. One of the songs was slow and mellow and not really good walking music but the next one was bouncy with a good beat and I stepped up the pace.

On the way home, I hit one of the supermarkets, a new produce place, and the one up here on the mountain and bought at all three places. I got some of the prettiest cilantro I’ve seen in these parts. I bought two bunches and when I looked at the ticket, the cashier had undercharged me. I went back in to make it right but she told me as long as she hadn’t overcharged me that it was okay.

I went by the church and left the bulletin. I set the organ up, too, which took all of about 45 seconds.

There were some pretty sweet potatoes up here on the mountain but they were in peck baskets. I asked if they sold any by the pound and the man gave me a bag. I told him all I wanted was one. He gave it to me. Guess people were feeling generous today.

I came on home and it was durn! again! My material from the Mastery had come but it had to be signed for so the mailman didn’t leave it. My neighbor has agreed to get it for me. I hope he doesn’t forget. He’s hard of hearing, too.

I’d planned to have some watermelonade but I couldn’t without my blender. I guess I could have used something else but my L’equip has me spoiled. I hove to and made some salsa–a BIG bowl full. I was going to measure it but I didn’t. I added some cucumber and turned it into gazpacho. I’d eaten about 2/3 of it when I realized I wasn’t going to have time to eat anything else today so I got an avocado and added it. And now it’s time for True Confessions (remember that magazine?). I put some salt in it, too. Oops! Now my buddy will know. She told me she reads this every day. She’s a brave and hearty soul. Anyway, it was delicious and I wish I had another quart, if not more. There’s always another time…

Well, folks, that’s about it for today and I’m so thankful it’s Sabbath! I get to shift gears and go into rest and relax mode rather than hurry up and work!

Happy Sabbath and good night!

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