First of all, there are a couple of things that I forgot to blog last night. I’d worn my new off-white slacks and got some blueberry juice on the leg. I stopped at the supermarket (or what passes for one) and bought some peroxide. I had to use it twice but it took the stain out! And I failed to say that I’d walked around the buildings four times in the afternoon so that was close to 30 more minutes of exercise.

When I went to bed last night, I had no idea what time it was. I looked at the clock and it was 10:14. Woohoo! I did it!

This was vision therapy day. I hadn’t done it for a couple of weeks so I had no idea where I was as far as whether I’d lost ground or not. Seems not. I was able to see very well with my right eye and not too badly with my left. It was gratifying, for sure.

Breakfast was a banana/mango/spinach smoothie. I took some to my friend who isn’t feeling well and she drank it. I don’t know that she really liked it but when I went back to check on her later, the jar was empty. I’d kept telling her that they are really good so maybe she’ll believe me now.

Since the mail person is gone the rest of the week (I may be repeating myself but I’m getting on up in years, you know…) I went in her place again today. I stopped and got some bananas and looked for mangos but there were none to be had. I hope they were just out and haven’t quit getting them.

I’ve been catching up on the call for the coaches that I missed last night. One of the coaches-in-training sent me her notes and they are copious. It’s almost like I was there!

Twinkle has gotten so she likes to ensconce herself on my lap while I’m on the computer. She’s watching me type. She’ll sit up and look at what’s going on on the screen, too.

Now, back to my day. I had three kiwifruit for my snack. Someone on one of the forums said that she likes them with the skin. Since these are organic, I figured I’d try it. I still like it batter peeled. I didn’t want to eat the skin on a commercial one because they are high on the list for pesticides.

Lunch was a banana/romaine smoothie and a bowl of mango. A couple of the girls that were in the breakroom at the time had a few pieces, too.

Mid-afternoon, I went out walking again. I don’t know what I hit on the Micro, but I have listened to the same part of Frederic’s teleconference three times. I can just about recite it by heart. Maybe I needed the info. I dunno.

I had to dash out and take the mail to the post office. That’s okay, though, because it gets me off work a little early and I was on my way home by the time I usually leave.

When I got here, I made and ate a large bowl full of salsa. I’d made it through about 2/3 of it when I gave in and put in some salt. I ended up with too much (Roger would say any is too much). Then I made a salad and ate it all without salt. I don’t know that it balanced anything out. I still taste salt and I’ve brushed, flossed, and used my proxy-brush.

So, that’s it for my day. I have e-mailed my son-in-law about what to do to get started on WordPress but I haven’t heard back. I tried to get on the Control Panel and I put in the wrong password and I’m locked out. I sent him an SOS and he just e-mailed me back. I won’t have much time to do anything tonight but I hate being kept out of my own domain! I was checking back in the archives today and found that the pictures I uploaded to blogspot aren’t showing up. The ones on flikr are. I want to eventually get them all back but there are a bunch. I’ll upload them to the server when I have time.

Good night!

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