I keep trying and trying to get my old URL back but some way it’s locked and I can’t. I guess there are people who have no idea where I’ve disappeared to but I’m still here! Maybe they can do a search and find me like they did in the beginning. I can only hope.

I made it to bed one minute late last night which isn’t late at all in my humble opinion. Now, if I’d been 15 minutes late, that would have been late.

I did all of BodyFlex and part of the LSEs. That was all the time I had.

Breakfast was three good, not great, peaches and a banana/blueberry/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie.

I was so busy that I didn’t get to walk or have my snack before noon. The mail/bank person is out this week so I went to the bank and post office. There was LOTS of mail. I see why she likes to take off the first week of the month. Lunch was a banana/green leaf lettuce/mango smoothie. I had a cucumber to wind it up.

When I took the stuff over for the courier, I talked to the administrator and her assistant for awhile. They both approved of my “new” look–clothes that fit. They can’t believe I weigh as much as I do. My sister wears a larger size than I do and I have about 10 pounds on her so I guess my exercise has toned me and made me more muscular. Not that I’d win any contests, body-building or strength-wise, but I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life. Too bad I didn’t do this years ago. I have now and that’s what’s important.

Since I had to take the mail to the post office, I left before my usual time. That was good since I needed to get gas and get home in time to call in on the first coaching call. Well! When I would dial the access number, I got a busy. I’d redial and get another busy. That happened time after time. I looked on the web site to see if there was anything posted about trouble but there wasn’t. I called Support and a young female told me that maintenance was being done on the access numbers and I would be able to make a call in “about an hour”. I let her know I was NOT a happy camper and I was already late for my call. There was nothing else I could do so I fixed my supper–gazpacho. After I ate that, I had two tomatoes I needed to use so I made a small version of Fred’s Mom’s Salad and ended up eating too much. At least I didn’t fry up a pan of taters ‘n onions to soothe my troubled soul.

And now it’s time to hang this up and get ready for slumber-time! Good night!

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