I have less than a half hour to blog and be in bed. One of my goals for the next two weeks is to have 10:15 as my bedtime. This morning, I was awake and ready to rumble at my usual weekday time since I’d gotten mostly a full night’s sleep.

I measured and hadn’t gone down in inches from last week (when I’d lost more than two) but I weighed in at 121.2! Yesterday, I was at 122 so I was reasonably sure that I’d made my goal and I did by .8 pound!

There was plenty of time to do all of my exercises and get my breakfast out of the way before the team call. Breakfast was a young coconut and over a quart and a half of smoothie. It was OJ, peaches, and pineapple and it was luscious!

After the team call (which went really well), I went out and got a half hour of “sun” while I listened to Frederic. I say “sun” because it was overcast and cool. It was 71 and almost too cool to be comfortable. It would have been pleasant with the sun shining.

When I came in, I had a big pie plate full of chunked up tomatoes. I’ve found that it’s handy to have sideboards for something like that.

The woman who did the last co-op order called me to let me know that she is opting out of the job for at least the next three or four months. The order from the other supplier will still go in but I haven’t had good luck with them so I may just make runs to the organic grocery and the university store or eat commercial. As Doug Graham says, raw commercial is better for me than cooked organic. I’ll live.

Not long after we hung up, my daughter called so I got ready and went out for some more sun while we visited. We talked forums and one thing or another for almost an hour. They have two forums–Astorians and Bed and Breakfast Forum and their expertise makes them shine. While I was out there in my skimpies, I could hear my neighbor walking around in the garage right next to me and singing. He’s rather hard of hearing so I don’t think he ever knew I was out there.

After the visit was over, I had a large piece of watermelon and then I called to check on my friend. She was in quite a bit of pain so we didn’t talk long.

I made a big salad of romaine, tomato, and cucumber and dressed it with a salt-free version of Matt’s dip. It wasn’t too delicious. I could have eaten it just fine with some salt–I proved that by putting just the barest sprinkle on a bite or two but I didn’t give in. I chucked the last 1/4 or so.

There was no green smoothie today and I missed it. I plan to go shopping tomorrow and get some FOOD. I’m getting low on greens. I’ll have enough for a smoothie in the morning. I think.

The clock is ticking the time away and I’ve got to get off here. Good night!

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