When I used to not get to bed on time, my eyes would look like, as my mother would say, “two burnt holes in a punkin.” I was looking in the mirror earlier and they are clear and un-bloodshot. Must have something to do with my eating habits and lifestyle, wouldn’t you say?

I was getting ready to shut everything down last night and call it a day when the last bit of info for the bulletin came in. When I got through plugging the holes and printing it off, it was close to 11:30 and actually there when I got in bed.

It was later than it should have been when I got up this morning and I only had time to exercise 15 minutes. That was better than nothing but not much.

Breakfast was two mangos–one good and one that tasted more like a vegetable than a fruit. There was only one good one that was ready to eat, though. I got 12 at the supermarket yesterday and will use them for eating and the organic ones for smoothies. It’s a shame that they aren’t delicious. They should be since they are “pure”. Maybe it’s the variety. I dunno. The supermarket ones are Keitt. And at 59 cents each they don’t break the bank.

I took a couple of turns around the buildings while I listened to Frederic. It didn’t start over this time. I may have accidentally hit something when it did before. The controls are very sensitive on the Micro. All it takes is a touch so I get it started up and then push the button to lock it before I put it in my pocket.

My snack was a small cantaloupe smoothie. That was the last of my organic cantaloupe and it sure was good. The honeydew was, too. I could use some more of them…

Lunch was supposed to be Fred’s Mom’s Salad but the store still didn’t have any cilantro so I put some five spice and paprika in it. The mangos were the vegetable kind that needed help from some agave. I’d taken a squirt bottle to keep at work a day or two ago. It turned out decent. I shared it with a couple of people. I’d made extra just in case.

When the second shift person came in, I went to train on the Accounts Payable system for the nursing home again and this time I “got to” enter invoices and print checks. It went off without a hitch.

After that, it was time to walk again. Two times around the “block” which gave me a total of 45 minutes of exercise for today.

Twinkle’s food came in. It was the biggest order I’ve put in so far and it was heavy! I struggled to the car with it after the workday was over. I hated to have it in the hot car for any length of time but I had to go by the church and leave the bulletin, set up the organ, etc., etc. I sat down at the piano to see if the sticking note had been fixed and it hadn’t. There wasn’t anything I could do.

I stopped at the fruit/veggie stand and got some peaches and a box of tomatoes. The owner’s father said that he’d soaked the peaches in Jack Daniels and vodka but I got them anyway.

The Twinkle box was a job to get out of the car and into the house but I finally made it. I opened it up and all of the bags were intact for the first time. I was prepared with bags to repack it but I didn’t need them. I got it all stowed with a little trouble. I may have an avalanche when I open the freezer door next time.

For supper, I had the rest of the watermelon and some salsa. When I say some salsa, I mean SOME salsa. I used five tomatoes–three small and two medium–plus chopped onion, red sweet pepper, jalapeno, garlic, and a sprinkle of Italian seasoning since there was no cilantro to be had. NO SALT! I was victorious and it was delicious! I ate it all and then had a cucumber. The cucumber would have probably been good chopped up and mixed into the salsa but it’s too late now.

I checked and the comments made it to the server, too, so I’m in good shape.

Eight minutes and I need to be in bed. Good night and Happy Sabbath!

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