I’m getting down to the wire here. My son-in-law has been helping me with getting everything on the new domain. The archives are back! Hooray for our side! I was feeling pretty lonesome with just part of this month. I don’t think the comments made it and that’s too bad. I haven’t checked thoroughly. I’ll leave that for another day.

I didn’t get up until ::gasp!:: 7 this morning. I hadn’t gotten to bed until after 12 so that wasn’t too far off the mark. I got seven hours sleep, more or less.

Of course, I didn’t have time to exercise. Breakfast was a banana/celery smoothie. I was careful not to put too much celery in. It’s organic and very strong so a little goes a long way.

I took half a dozen peaches for my snack but I only had two good ones in the bunch. They looked good. They were firm but they were dry. Not juicy at all.

It was a busy day and I didn’t even get to walk around the buildings. It was raining off and on, anyway. I did have to go get the mail and go to the bank.

Lunch was a banana/romaine/curly green leaf lettuce smoothie. It was quite good. One of the aides tried it. She’s up for trying any of my smoothies. A rep from one of the Home Health agencies came in and started asking questions. I gave her my card so she can look me up and read for herself. If she goes all the way back to the beginning, she can see how horrible my diet was then. I poured her some of my smoothie and dared her to try it. She was a good sport and drank it. I think she thinks it would have to be an acquired taste. Well, those who are willing to acquire it are the lucky ones! When I got back to my desk I had a cucumber.

I’d stopped and gotten some bananas, eating mangos, and cucumbers so I was pretty much weighted down when I left the hospital. My Perfect Health program came today, too, as well as some other things I’d ordered.

When I got home, I had three kiwifruit and a mango and then I had a couple of chunked up tomatoes. I was supposed to have a blended salad but I wasn’t in the mood. I prefer plain old salad and I didn’t have all the ingredients, anyway. I was supposed to have some avocado but I swapped that out for some black walnuts–the first I’d had for months. They made my stomach burn a little.

While I ate, I watched “Food Hunter”. It was about durian. Made me hungry for a good one! The next episode is about breadfruit. That’s always intrigued me, too, so I have the DVR set to record it.

The bulletin is all but done, bare-bones style. That’s getting to be the usual thing any more. I’m going to leave it as is until morning and then print it if I don’t get anything else to go in it.

Better get to bed! It’s ‘way past my bedtime.

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